Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Hillary Factor

Lots of people have been expecting, suggesting that Obama should let Hillary Clinton go after Sarah Palin, and maybe Obama hoped she would, but Hillary will have none of it.

On Trail for Obama, Clinton Avoiding Palin "Cat Fight"

In fact, some Hillary supporters are defending Palin!

I wonder if these articles are connected to this one:
Poll Shows Big Shift to McCain Among White Women
A Washington Post/ABC News survey published on Tuesday found most of McCain's surge in the polls since the Republican National Convention was due to a big shift in support among white women voters.

Could these white women be racist?

Maybe Hillary Clinton, and some of her bitter supporters, want Obama to loose, and want Palin/McCain to beat him to avenge her from the primary defeat and Obama passing over her for V.P. (and so Hillary can run again in 2012)??

And I'm tired of hearing all these claims of "sexist" attacks on Hillary Clinton from the OBAMA Campaign... I CHALLENGE ANYONE TO DOCUMENT ONE INSTANCE OF A SEXIST ATTACK ON HILLARY CLINTON BY BARACK OBAMA OR HIS CAMPAIGN!

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