Saturday, September 20, 2008

White Racism Working Against Obama

Here's the issue no one is talking about. Why isn't Obama doing better against John McCain in this election?

Poll: Racial Views (Racism) Steer Some White Dems Away from Obama

Deep-seated racial misgivings could cost Barack Obama the White House if the election is close, according to an AP-Yahoo News poll that found one-third of white Democrats harbor negative views toward blacks - many calling them "lazy," "violent" or responsible for their own troubles.

The poll, conducted with Stanford University, suggests that the percentage of voters who may turn away from Obama because of his race could easily be larger than the final difference between the candidates in 2004 - about 2.5 percentage points.

Certainly, Republican John McCain has his own obstacles: He's an ally of an unpopular president and would be the nation's oldest first-term president. But Obama faces this: 40 percent of all white Americans hold at least a partly negative view toward blacks, and that includes many Democrats and independents.

More than a third of all white Democrats and independents - voters Obama can't win the White House without - agreed with at least one negative adjective about blacks, according to the survey, and they are significantly less likely to vote for Obama than those who don't have such view....


Anonymous said...

and this is a big surprise? Months ago, I kept telling all my friends we may lose this election if Hillary wasn't nominated.

It was the Democratic election to lose. We had it. Now we have Obama, and racism to deal with.


Jim Maynard said...

Well, I don't see racism as a reason NOT to nominate the best candidate..
If Hillary won the nomination, it would be worse. We would have to deal with SEXISM and all the Clinton baggage the GOP was salivating over..