Friday, September 19, 2008

The "Free Market" is Dead

So much for the "free-market" capitalist propaganda usually supported by the American political and media elites.


Conservative Republicans Finally admit "The Free Market Is Dead"

After years of preaching the gospel of "free market" capitalism to other countries, the U.S. is now "nationalizing" U.S. financial industries!

It's amazing how the corporate rich oppose any "government handouts"
for the working class or the poor but love it when the U.S. government (we the taxpayers)
bail them out. Funny how we never have money to insure healthcare for everyone,
or free college education like most European countries, but conservative Republicans
always find money for the military-industrial complex and their corporate financiers.
Why not provide some of this "socialism" for the American working class?

Here's a Democratic Socialist response to the economic crisis from Sen. Bernie Sander's

Read Sen. Bernie Sander's Statement Outlining a progressive response to the crisis HERE.

Watch a Video HERE

Read the Democratic Socialists of America's Economic Justice Agenda

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