Thursday, June 29, 2006

World Overcomers Statute of Theocracy

From Thursday's Commercial Appeal
Church Constructs monument to Christianity in likeness of Lady Liberty
Photo by Hilly Schiffer/The Commercial Appeal

The World Overcomers Church erects a $260,000 State of Theocracy!
They replaced the torch of freedom with the Cross of Christ and "give me your tired, your poor.." with the Ten Commandments! Screw the tired and the poor!
This is the same church that spends thousands of dollars on full page ads attacking the civil rights of gay people!
"What Would Jesus Do?" Spend $300,000 mocking the State of Liberty and secular constitutional government, or feed a few hundred people?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dems Court Evangelical Christians

There was a headline story today about Sen. Barrack Obama chastising Demcrats for failing to "acknowledge the power of faith in the lives of the American people," and going on to say that the Democratic Party must compete for the support of evangelicals and church going people... He also criticized "secularists" on issues like the Pledge of Allegiance.

I suppose that out of political necessity, the Democratic Party does need to reach out to evangelicals, IF they can make the case that liberal/progressive values are not incompatible with Chrsitianity or religion, as the Republican Reich argues. However, I am very uncomfortable with pandering to homophobic christo-fascists.

Obama is giving in to the Ann Coulter argument that liberals (and Democrats) are "godless". Where is the evidence of this?
I see just the opposite. From Jimmy Carter to Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Joe Lieberman, the Democrats have been TOO religious for me. And wasn't Jimmy Carter a more spiritual/religious President than Ronald Reagan? Didn't Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Lieberman quote a lot of Bible verses in their speeches? Did Clinton ever make a speech without quoting the Bible.

No, I believe the Democrats have failed to defend the separation of church and state, and have failed to defend secular government, and now they are pandering to the religious fanatics who want a theocratic government.

What is really going on? Like the "liberal media" mantra of the Republican Right, the "godless" liberal mantra is a lie being used to force the Democrats into embracing Christian nationalism and to further erode the wall of separation between church and state. The Democratic Party must not be coerced into giving in to the debate on church/state separation and embracing the Christian Nationalism that has taken control of the Republican Party.

It is not Christians and church going people who are under attack.. it is secular humanists and non-theists who are under attack! It is scary that both political parties are pandering to the religious majority and ignoring at best the secular non-theists. As if current events in the world do not demonstrate that religion divides people into waring tribes, the future of humanity requires secular governments and more rational approaches to nature and society. Religion is destroying the human race!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Leon Gray/"Progressive Talk 680"/What is a "Progressive"?

I hate to say it, but I'm so glad Leon Gray is no longer on "Progressive Talk" 680 am. He was a very nice person, but sometimes listening to him was almost as frustrating as listening to Mike Flemming on the conservative talk 600 AM. In fact, I doubt many people could tell the difference between them if they listened to them side by side on issues like gay rights, abortion, school prayer, creationism v. evolution, etc.

It was on the issue of gay rights that Leon Gray really dropped the "progressive" ball. I've never heard anyone, conservative or liberal, become so unintelligible on the issue of homosexuality and gay rights as Leon Gray. He clearly had some personal religious hang ups that kept him from being able to fully understand gay issues or defend the civil rights of gays and lesbians. He just couldn't do it, despite some attempts, genuine I think, to learn about and reach out to the gay community.

The main problem for Leon Gray and many in the African-American community is that they do not want to "equate" the civil rights of gays with the civil rights struggle of African-Americans. Granted, there are some differences between blacks and gays. Being black is not the same thing as being gay. BUT, being black is also different from being Jewish, female, poor, buddhist, atheist, ect... All of these groups, including gay people, have been oppressed because of their "differences." Like all social minorities, gay people have been singled out for prejudice and discrimination because of their "difference" from the powerful majority. Leon Gray, and evidently, many African Americans, just cannot see the common theme of oppression of all social minorities

The issue, the basis, of civil rights, is NOT whether people can "choose" to be gay, etc., it is the social oppression of these groups! People can CHOOSE to be Christian fundamentlists or atheists, but they all have CIVIL RIGHTS. I'm tired of having the same old arguments about whether people "choose" to be gay or not.. it is IRRELEVANT! It is a smokescreen to confuse the real issues!

Another problem I see for the Democratic Party (especially in Shelby County) is that a large part of the African-American community is dominated by conservative religious fundamentalist churches and preachers. It is shocking to hear some of the anti-gay, anti-liberal rhetoric coming out of some of these black churches. (Some even take out full page ads in the newspaper attacking gays and lesbians!) The problem is that the predominantly fundamentalist black churches are part of the right-wing Religious Right! They share the same political and social beliefs as the Christian Right in the Republican Party!
How can the Democratic Party defend the separation of church & state, gay rights, abortion rights, etc. when a large part of its "base" is part of the Religious Right??

This is why Howard Dean went on the 700 Club to pander to the anti-gay religious fundamentalists, even "misstating" the Democratic Party platform on the rights of gays and lesbians to marry. This is why Harold Ford Jr. and other Democratic politicians in Tennessee are campaignign AGAINST the civil rights of gays and lesbians, including but not limited to marriage. It is a BIG problem which the Republicans are exploiting very successfully. The Democratic Party must either stand up and defend the principles of equality and social justice, or pander to the bigotry of the Religious Right and the Republican Party.

Back to Progressive Talk 680 AM, my advice is that Progressive Talk 680 AM replace Leon Gray with a REAL PROGRESSIVE. We need someone to take on the Republican and Religious Right. What does it mean to be "liberal" or "progressive"?? Leon Gray accused people like me of being too "intolerant" of different points of view among "progressive" Democrats. I don't think all progressives and liberals should or can agree on 100% of every issue, but there are some basic principles which should define what a "progressive/liberal" viewpoint is on an issue, and here are some very basic ones we SHOULD be able to agree on:

Separation of Church and State! This is NOT a Christian country! Defend the First Paragraph in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution! The government should NOT be promoting Christianity, the "Ten Commandments" or creationism in our public schools and institutions! Furthermore, the government cannot limit the reproducitive rights of people based on religious interpretations of scriptures!

Social Justice and Equality. This applies to ALL oppressed groups, including gays, lesbians, transgender people, women, blacks, hispanics, Jews, atheists, buddhists, etc... Civil Rights are for all, not just black people! And civil rights are not based on biological differences that people cannot choose or change! Whether people can choose to be gay, transgender or jewish is NOT the issue! Progressives should support social programs to promote the "social welfare" of its citizens, especially the poor, children, etc. Progressives should support the principle that basic necessities like healthcare, food and housing are a basic human right of all people.

Peace. Progressives and liberals should stand for peace, and oppose war unless absolutely "necessary" to DEFEND the United States. Progressives should oppose wasteful military spending and oppose illegally attacking on invading other countries.

There are a few basic principles "progressives" should agree on and defend.

I Hope Progressive Talk 680 will choose a local radio host who shares these principles. Leon Gray did NOT.

(I'm available on weekends :)

Jim Maynard

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Write-In Voting Changes!

Unfortunately, the election commission has DISABLED write-in voting on new voting machines, so if you want to write in a vote you MUST ask for a paper ballot!

Apparently, I've been told, the SCEC, believes that having the option to write in votes on the voting machines would complicate things with the big ballot in this election... hmm... would having an option to push a button to write in a candidate be more complicated than trying to get a big complicated paper ballot from an election volunteer who probably will not be able to find one ?

From the Shelby County Election Commission:

It is Commission policy that write-ins be disabled on the voting
machines. Any person choosing to write-in a candidates name for an
office will need to do so on a paper ballot.

You may address your concerns in written form to our Administrator of
Elections, James Johnson, and he will forward them to our Commissioners.
Our address is the Shelby County Election Commission, 157 Poplar Ave -
Suite 109, Memphis, TN 38103.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Let's see... the Republicans killed an increase in the minimum wage ($5.15 an hour!), but cut estates taxes on their way to totally elminating what they call the "death tax" on millionaires, and the Economic Policy Institute publishes a study showing that CEOs now earn 262 times the pay of the Average worker... now WHO IS WAGING CLASS WARFARE???!!!

It's time Democrats quit running with their tails between their legs when the fascist republicans accuse them of waging "class warfare" against the rich! It is the other way around! Slaves were not the slave-owners, and workers are not waging class warfare!

Capitalists are waging class warfare!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's Official!

I have been certified by the State Office of Elections as a Write-In Candidate for US Senate in the August 3, 2006 State and Federal Primary Election.

In 2004, Rep. Harold For Jr. switched his stated position against the “Federal Marriage Amendment” and crossed party lines to vote for the Republican anti-gay amendment, contradicting his stated position that the issue should be left to the states. This put him in opposition to the position of the Democratic Party presidential candidate, John Kerry, and the DNC. Harold Ford Jr. has sided with the Republican Party and the anti-gay Religious Right to support writing discrimination against gays and lesbians into the U.S.Constitution.

Now Harold Ford Jr. is running for the U.S. Senate, and he is running as a conservative. He is running AGAINST gay civil rights! He is running AGAINST women’s reproductive rights! As a progressive gay Democrat, I cannot support a candidate who is campaigning against my civil rights to win an election!

This is not the only issue in which Harold Ford Jr. has sided with the conservative Republicans and George W. Bush. He has done so on many issues: the Iraq War, using public money to fund Bush’s “faith-based” initiatives, eroding the separation of church and state, privatizing social security, cutting taxes for the corporate rich, cutting estate taxes, etc.

Progressive Democrats need a voice in this primary election! I am offering my name as a write-in candidate for the U.S. Senate to give progressive and liberal voters a real choice when they vote on August 3.

Please vote August 3, and write-in Jim Maynard for the U.S. Senate!

Jim Maynard

I also urge all progressive Democrats to vote for Steve Cohen for the House of Representatives, Dist. 9. Let’s put a real progressive in Congress!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Uncle Tom Republicans Honor Schwarzenegger

The Log Cabin Republicans are organizing a party June 29th in Hollywood to honor CA governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who recently vetoed a bill passed by the California legislature that would have given gays and lesbians equal marriage rights.

According to The Advocate, among the "honorary host committee" is Duf Sundheim, chairman of the California Republican Party, which states in its platform that "homosexuality should not be presented as an acceptable 'alternative' lifestyle in public education and policy. We oppose granting to homosexuals special privileges, including marriage, domestic-partnership benefits, and child custody or adoption"

The Uncle Tom Republicans continue to support a political party and a military that still classifies gay people as sick and immoral.

Party up boys!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Candidates at MidSouth Pride

Several Democratic Candidates made an appearance or spoke at this years Midsouth Pride last Saturday in Peabody Park:
Gail Mathes, Candidate for District Attorney
Judge Paula Skahan, Candidate for Criminal Court-Div. 1
Wayne VanDeVeer, Candidate for Judge, General Sessions 4
Rep. Steve Cohen, Candidate for Congress (House Dist. 9)
In his speech, Cohen mentioned one of his opponents (i.e., Ed Stanton), has been attacking him for his vote against the Tennessee anti-gay marriage amendment in phone-bank calls.
Shame on Ed Stanton for attacking a fellow Democrat for voting against writing prejudice and bigotry into the U.S. Constitution!

[I LEFT OFF LEE HARRRIS, candidate for Congress, House Dist. 9 ]
He was there too...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gov. Bredesen Betrays Progressive and Gay Democrats!

TN Gov. Phil Bredesen says he opposes gay marriage and will vote FOR the Tennessee anit-gay marrriage amendment.
Is this man really a Democrat?
This is why the Democratic Party in Tennessee is a joke!

Bredesen Support Anti-Gay Amendment

I'm moving closer to joining the Socialist Party and telling the Democrats to Fuck off!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Senate Rejects GOP Anti-Gay Amendment

The U.S. Senate rejected the Republican anti-gay marriage amendment today, with only one Democratic vote. It will be debated and voted on again in the House next month. Will Harold Ford Jr. make the right decision this time or will he cross party lines again and vote with Republicans to write discrimination against gays and lesbians into the Constitution?

How I wish Ford Jr. had the political backbone and progressive principles of Sen. Russ Feingold, who spoke out against the amendment, and was one of the few Democrats to actually support the right of gay couples to legally marry, and not just oppose the amendment for technical reasons.

Read Feingold's speech here and imagine if Ford Jr had his courage and principles:

Russ Feingold Speech
Ann Coulter is a Fascist Bitch

Ann Coulter has a new trashy anti-liberal book (GODLESS: THE CHURCH OF LIBERALISM) and continues her nasty, hateful attacks on liberals. In prior books and statements, she has mocked Vietnam Veteran Max Cleland and joked about his loss of body parts in battle, and called him a coward. Now she calls the widows of 9/11 victims "witches" and accuses them of getting joy out of their husbands deaths and using them for political gain.

Ann Coulter is an evil fascist bitch! I hate this woman. She is a right-wing nut-case who needs psychological help.
She is a big hypocrite! She is no Christian! First, how can she be taken seriously when she looks like a slut on her books covers and barely covers her wafer-thin body with clothing in public! And since she is single, she is either a lesbian or a whore, because I doubt she has been celibate out of wedlock, so that makes her a hypocrite.

She obviously writes these horrible books and says crazy things for profit. I doubt she really believes any of this crap.

Die in hell BITCH!

I'm an atheist, but I hope there is some eternal torment for people as evil as Coulter!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Bush Invites Ex-Gay Group Leaders to White House Ceremony

While Queer Action Coalition was holding demonstrations against the "ex-gay" cult Love in Action in Memphis, George W. Bush invited leaders of the ex-gay organization Exodus International to the White House ceremony to push the anti-gay "Marriage Protection Act" today! According to a press release from Exodus International, the group was invited by the White House to participate in the 10-minute ceremony. Alan Chambers and Randy Thomas of Exodus International took part in the ceremony to write discrimination against gays and lesbians into the Constitution of the United States.

Bush and the Republican Party have declared war on us!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

GOP Stole 2004 Election (Gore and Kerry both won!)

While it was pretty evident that Al Gore won the 2000 Presidential election and Florida's electoral votes were stolen from the Republicans, even I was skeptical about the argument that Bush also lost the 2004 election, until now. In the current issue of Rolling Stone, Bobby Kennedy lays out the disturbing fact that our 2004 election was also stolen from John Kerry by the Republican pollitical machine in Ohio.

Read it for yourself

Republicans have broken every election law in the books in the past decade to steal elections from American voters, including jamming Demcratic phone banks, purging black (democratic) voters from voting lists, etc.

When will the American people wake up? Can we save our democracy from Republican Facsism??