Sunday, September 07, 2008

Will Obama and the Democratic Party Blow it Again?

Obama's first appearance on Fox News' the O'Reilly Factor does not look promising at all. (Obama actually agrees with O'Reilly and McCain that "The Surge" was very successfull!). On This Week on ABC Obama even questions whether he will rescind the Bush tax cuts on the rich if the recession worsens!

In the meantime, McCain/Palin are Now Leading Obama/Biden--USA Today/Gallup: 50% McCain/Palin, 46% Obama/Biden (McCain/Palin get 54% of "Likely Voters"!)

The Obama campaign has not even tried to expose the TRUTH about Sarah Palin, so most voters seem to like her and the McCain/Palin ticket. The Democratic "strategists" have once again made a major mistake by NOT aggressively going after Sarah Palin. Why didn't the Obama campaign have an ad exposing the truth about Sarah Palin right after she spoke at the RNC? The GOP had ad an out the day after Biden was nominated!

Apparently the Democratic "strategists" thought that just running against George Bush and high gas prices (which Obama could not affect in the short run if he were elected) would win the election. They have still not learned from 2000 & 2004 how to fight back against the right-wing political machine.

Democratic "strategists" and many progressive bloggers and talk shows, have advised the Obama campaign to ignore Sarah Palin and focus on the McCain/Bush economy. They think that the American voters are smart enough to focus on the issues and the record of the Republicans the past eight years. I've even heard several liberal commentators predict that McCain will drop Sarah Palin soon. Instead, Palin is now the star of the Republican party and is drawing more crowds than John McCain!

Once again the Democrats are underestimating the stupidity of American voters!

It is unbelievable that McCain, who was politically dead a few months ago, is now ahead of Obama in an election year in which Bush's approval rating is 30% and voters have turned sour on the Republican Party. Obama & Biden are great candidates, and the GOP is very unpopular, so why are they not way ahead? Part of the blame must be the continual errors made by Obama and the Democratic Party in not attacking McCain/Palin and the GOP as hard as they should and capitulating on so many issues. They have not been as good as the McCain campaign has been on staying on the offensive and sticking to a clear message. And some Hillary Clinton supporters, a minority but still significant in a close election, refuse to support the Democratic ticket and are voting for McCain/Palin.

The media is also a major problem. The corporate media has focused on personal attacks rather than on the issues, which has played right into the Republican's strategy.

If the Democratic Party loses to John McCain, Sarah Palin and an unpopular Republican Party, they should just close the party down after the election.

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