Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama V. McCain: The First Debate

I'm not sure what to think about last night's first presidential debate between Obama and McCain.

Part of me agrees with Richard Dreyfuss, The Debate was Pathetic, especially in the parts where Obama AGREED with McCain, or tried to go to the RIGHT of McCain, on international issues like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Russia.

On the other hand, Obama looked better, more presidential, and was better in style and substance, most of the time.
McCain was mean, angry and bitter, but he was more aggressive. Obama needs to learn how to throw more punches, that is what "wins" these debates in the minds of most viewers, not being nice and agreeing with your opponent most of the time.

The Democratic candidate cannot win a national election by criticizing U.S. imperialism in the world or calling for cutting military (though McCain suggested cutting military waste, why didn't Obama??). Obama had to be presidential, and convince "middle America" and swing voters that he could be tough and use military force to "defend America's interests". I think he did that pretty well according to most polls I've seen.

Hopefully in the next two debates Obama will throw some hard punches and do a better job of tying McCain to Bush and the financiers who have brought us to the brink of another depression, and speak out more for the working class and the poor, the real victims of "free-market" capitalism.

I really wish these moderators would ask better questions and hope they don't waste time asking such stupid questions as "Do You think people choose to be gay?"

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