Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Undercover at an "Ex-Gay" Camp

Over at Alternet, you can read all about how Ted Cox went undercover at a "Journey Into Manhood" camp, Matt Taibbi-in-The Great Derangement-style. What does it feel like for a man, learning to be a man, with the help of other men? It involves isolation and strange rituals and "Native American flute music" and re-enactments of junior high school gym class humiliations.

Oh! It also involves spending the day participating in astoundingly homoerotic activities:

"My weekend was filled with crying, singing, and wrestling, as 30 men struggled to overcome their attraction to other men. It was also the first time I felt another man's erection."

Ted Cox, What Happened When I Went Undercover at a Christian Gay-to-Straight Conversion Camp

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Queers are Getting Pissed!

After all the hope and campaign promises by Obama to stand up for LGBT equality and overturn DADT, DOMA and pass ENDA, the reality is sinking in that Obama and the Democrats are not in a hurry to do anything substantive for the gay community, at least not this year. The Obama administration has turned changing the DADT policy over to the military. ENDA is stalled and does not have enough votes with gender identity included. If Democrats loose lots of seats in Congress in November as expected, there may not be another chance to move on LGBT issues for a long time.

But queers are getting pissed and fired up. A new LGBT activist group, GetEqual, is lighting fire under some asses in D.C. They have staged several highly publicized protests this week on DADT and ENDA:

GetEqual Disrupts House Education and Labor Committee on ENDA

Six Service Members from GetQual Hancuff themselves to White House Fence

(Protest Coverage Cut Short by Park Police)

Gay Protesters Interrupt Obama Speech on DADT

Here's Why: Barney Frank Says Obama Not Pushing DADT Repeal This Year, Frustrated with Obama's Lack of Support

After calling for the repeal of DADT in his SOTU speech, Obama now appears to want to wait until 2011:
Gibbs-DADT on Hold Until 2011

Obama and the Democrats are missing an historic opportunity to pass meaningful legislation for LGBT civil rights, and they may suffer in the elections from lack of LGBT support!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mistrial Declared in Trial of Cop Who Beat Memphis Transgender Woman

Mistrial Declared in Trial of Memphis Cop Who Beat Transgender Prisoner

The trial for Bridges ‘Sutton’ McRae, a former Memphis police officer charged with beating a transgender prisoner Duanna Johnson ended in mistrial shortly after 2 p.m. today. A juror said later that the vote was 11 to 1 for conviction of McRae. The lone juror who voted for acquittal did not think the government had proved that McRae acted "willfully."

McRae was accused of beating the prisoner he identified as Dwayne Johnson on an arrest ticket, but who became upset when the officer would not use the female name, Duanna, during the fingerprint process in the jail sally port. A surveillance video of the incident showed McRae striking Johnson six times in the head with his metal handcuffs in his hand and then using pepper spray.

McRae said he was only trying to control a large, unruly prisoner and that the cuffs did not touch Johnson, but prosecutors said the officer was out of control and used them unnecessarily as a deadly weapon.

McRae was fired after the incident in the sally port in February of 2008. He was charged with civil rights violations and faced up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

The 43-year-old Johnson was shot to death later in 2008 on a street corner near her home. No one has been arrested.
Prosecutors say they plan to charge McRae again. He will stay free on his current bond.

A Vigil is planned Tuesday 6:30 PM downtown Memphis by the Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center

Grand Divisions: Justice Delayed Justice Denied to Juanna Johnson

Eyewitness News: Reactions to Judges Decision

Friday, April 16, 2010

Arkansas Gay Adoption Ban Overturned

Judge Overturns Arkansas Adoption Ban

A state judge on Friday struck down an Arkansas law approved by voters that banned gay couples and other unmarried people living together from serving as adoptive or foster parents.

Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza said in a two-page ruling that people in "non-marital relationships" are forced to choose between becoming an adoptive parent and sustaining that relationship.

"Due process and equal protection are not hollow words without substance," Piazza said. "They are rights enumerated in our constitution that must not be construed in such a way as to deny or disparage other rights retained by the people."

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Obama Orders Hospital Visitation Rights for Gays & Lesbians

Well it's not much, but it's something I guess.. now let's get moving on ENDA and ending DOMA!

Obama Orders Hospital Visitation Rights for Gays & Lesbian Couples

The Advocate

With ENDA, DADT and DOMA being held up in Congress, Obama seems only willing/able to deliver symbolic gestures to the LGBT community, but will that be enough to get our votes in 2012?

Tax Day Fact Check

Some inconvenient facts for the teabaggers on Tax Day:
From Crooks & Liars:

Over 95% of Working Households Got Tax Cuts
Only 2% of Tea Baggers Know Obama Cut Their Taxes...
...and 52% of Tea Partiers Think Their Taxes are Fair...
...and Think the Federal Tax Level is Over Double What It Is
1% of Families Earned 24% of All Income...
...and 57% of All Capital Income
400 Richest Taxpayers Saw Incomes Double, Tax Rates Halved
Only 1 in 500 Families Pay the Estate Tax
Corporate Taxes Have Plummeted as a Share of GDP
The U.S. Loses $345 Billion a Year to Tax Evasion and Fraud

Taxes for working class LOWER under Obama:

Institute for Policy Studies:Tax Day Talking Points

How to Talk to a Tea Party Activist:

53% of Tax Dollars Goes to the MILITARY

Large Corporations (GE, Exxon...) Pay NO Taxes!

How 50 Years of Tax Cuts Benefited the Wealthy

Tax the Rich!

Taxes: Myths vs. Realities

Tax, Baby, Tax!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mike Huckabee Compares Gay Marriage to Incest

Huckabee Compares Gay Marriage to Incest

Mike Huckabee, a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2012, says the effort to allow gays and lesbians to marry is comparable to legalizing incest, polygamy and drug use.
Huckabee also told college journalists last week that gay couples should not be permitted to adopt. "Children are not puppies," he said.

If this wing-nut becomes President, we may need to form a Queer Malitia

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tea Party Jesus

Tea Party Jesus: Words of Tea Party "Christians" in the Put in the Mouth of Jesus

Tea Party Racism

Rep. Steve Cohen takes on TEA Party racism

The TEA Party has been trying to counter-attack liberals and progressives for calling out their racist attacks on Obama and African-American Democrats who supported health care reform.. by lying!

As a guest on The Young Turks, my Representative Steve Cohen called the TEA Party out for being mostly White conservatives opposed to diversity, who attacked blacks, gays, etc.

Rep. Steve Cohen Bashes Tea Party

Mid-South Tea Party Demands Rep. Steve Cohen Retract Critical Statements

Tea Partier Threatens Rep. Steve Cohen

The TEA Party has been trying to cover up the racism at the heart of the movement by denying it even exists. But here are the FACTS about the racism at the heart of the Tea Party movement:

Tea Party Protests Shout "Nigger" and "Faggot" at Members of Congress

Congressmen Spit on By Tea Party Protester

White Resentment Bubbles Under Surface of Tea Party Movement

White Supremacists and Anti-Semites Recruit at Tea Parties

Tea Partiers: Obama's A Muslim

Frank Rich: Tea Party Rage is Not About Healthcare

The racism of the TEA Party Movement should be seen in the larger struggle of racism used to divide the working class in the United States and stop progressive reforms:

Beware of the new Racist Counteroffensive

Hatred as a Political Strategy

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Today is the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King in Memphis.

If the racist tea-baggers and conservatives attacking "big government" think Barack Obama is a "socialist," what would they call Dr. Martin Luther King today? Well they called him worse things back then...

Too bad liberal politicians today still lack the courage and "progressive" vision of MLK, who spoke truth to power even when it cost him popularity--and his life.

If people really want to know what a Democratic Socialism is about they should listen to MLK on economic justice, war, inequality, etc...

John Lewis on Martin Luther King: U.S. Lacks a Moral Leader

Bill Moyers, Dr. King's Economic Dream Deferred

His last speech in Memphis