Friday, December 23, 2005

The Christo-Fascist War Against Gays

The Christo-fascist, anti-gay Christian Right, continues its attacks against gays and lesbians by targeting businesses that in any way support equality for gays and lesbians or treat gays and lesbians with dignity or respect. They cannot tolerate treating gay people as human beings.

The American Family Association, headed by the looney Don Wildmon, dropped a threatened boycott of Ford Motor Co. after claiming the company had given into its demands to stop advertising in gay magainzes and supporting gay organizations. At first it appeared that Ford had caved in to the AFA's bigotry, when the company pulled advertising of some of its automotive brands from gay magazines. However, after meeting with leaders from several gay organizations, Ford issued a statement affirming its policies of providing benefits for gay and lesbian employees and said it will continue to advertising some car models in gay magazines. Apparently the AFA was lying about its secret deal with Ford.

Focus on the Family announced that it is withdrawing its funds from Wells Fargo Bank because of that company's support of gay and lesbian organizations. Wells Fargo also refused to cave in to ant-gay bigotry and affirmed its support of gay and lesbian organizations.

Now the homophobic Christian Right are attacking the new gay-love cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain, claiming the film is propaganda for the homoseuxal agenda. (Wasn't the Passion of the Christ propaganda for the Christian Right?) Anyway, why are these so-called Christian so afraid of same-sex love? Why can American society tolerate violence between men, applaud men who kill other men in war, and men who beat each other in boxing and wrestling rings, but refuse to accept two men loving each other or, gasp, kissing!

While they claim that showing two men kissing or showing love and affection is "sick", "evil" and "gross," I think the real reason they fear it is that they know it is not "gross" at all, that they fear that it will tempt all the repressed homosexuals in their churches. I think Freud was right about the problems repressed homosexuality causes in society, and the more some men protest against men loving other men, the more I think they are repressing their own natural feelings. It is essential to compulsory heterosexuality and hegemonic masculinity to repress same-sex love between men.

Brokeback Mountain is getting lots of critical praise and is a leading contender for Oscar awards.. so it may be a historically important movie if enough theaters will show it and hopefully enough straight people will see it to appreciate a great love story.