Saturday, June 30, 2007


I just saw Michael Moore's new movie SiCKO and highly recommend, no I insist, that everyone sees this important movie (is it showing at Studio on the Squre in Memphis). The film, one of Moore's best, does a good job of showing the human tragedies caused by the American for profit health care system and the need for a single-payer universal health insurance system like Canada, Great Britain, France, even Cuba have. None of these systems are perfect, but it clearly all of these countries do a better job of providing healthcare for ALL of their citizens and keeping them heathier than the U.S. does. Moore actually visits these countries and shows real examples to disprove the right-wing propaganda about the "horrors" of "socialized medicine." Even in Canada and Europe, "conservatives" even embrace the "socialist" view that health care is a HUMAN RIGHT for all, not a commodity to be rationed based on ability to pay. The culprits in the U.S. are the profit hungry insurance campanies, drug companies, and the American Medical Association. My partner, who has no health insurnace since he is unemployed, and I came away from the movie wanting more than ever to leave the U.S. and move to Canada, or a European country, or even Cuba. But Moore's main message is that we, the people, in a Democracy must rise up and demand health care for all before profits, as people have done in these other countries. People, all of us, must get politically active and organize to change the system. We have to stand up to the healthcare-indusrial complex. To get involved and take action, go to or check out the Physicians for a National Health Program. Also, read this article on Health Care For All by the Democratic Socialists of America

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Fascist Bitch Strikes Again

Ann Coutler, the Fascist Bitch, spewed more of her vile on Hardball, joking that she learned from her joke about Edwards being a fag that she should just wish he were killed in a terrorist attack. She was once again trying to use Bill Mahr's comments about Dick Cheney being killled by terrorists (which I'm not sure he actually said..) She also continued with her lies about Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda, WMD's in Iraq, etc. Media Matters has a long list of them on their website. Coulter is a lying lunatic, so why does CNN, MSNBC, etc. still reward her ego by giving her air time? Elizabeth Edwards called in to ask her to stop the hateful, personal attacks, but she was too polite. You cannot be polite to Ann Coulter, she won't let you talk, she will interupt and yell over you. You have to be direct: Ann you are a vile, evil fascist bitch!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Gay Pride in North America

Several major cities in North America celebrated Gay Pride this weekend, from Toronto to Mexico City. I sometimes have mixed feellings about all the resources the gay community throws into gay pride celebrations, but it is amazing how "gay pride" unites so many people from around the world. I can't think of another social group or movement with that much world-wide unity on a common identity. The big political news in the U.S. is that the wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, came out in support of gay marriage at a Pride Breakfast in San Francisco, taking a position at odds with her husband John Edwards who stops just short of gay marriage.

Pics from Vacation (Blanchard Springs, AR)

I'm back from my week vacation in the Ozarks (Blanchard Springs, Arkansas). I'm usually short on money so Arkansas is about as far as I get on vacation, but I really love Blanchard Springs in the Ozark National Forest. It's a lot cheaper than a cheezy theme park like Silver Dollar City, and there's a lot to do for little money. Like Enjoy Nature! The Blanchard Springs recreational area has a lot to offer: The Blanchard Springs Caverns (one of the best caves in North America), camping, swiming, hiking and fishing. You can see more pics on my .mac homepage.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Vacation Time!

I'll be on vacation in Arkansas this week (June 18-22). Will return sometime the end of the week...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Congress and Bush Fail Country

Poor George Bush's approval ratings have been on a steady decline for sometime, but now the "Democratic" Congress is joining him down in the low approval ratings. Approval of Congress is at its lowest in a decade, now even lower than Bush's approval rating! Why? Marianna Huffington correctly blames Tyrannosaurus Democrats. As I predicted, Nancy Pelosi and and the "moderate" Democratic leaders would fail to live up to the expectations of voters by not being tough enough in taking on Bush, the military, business and the other "special interests" that control Washington. It has been business a usual. And the main reason for the low approval of Congress must be the failure of the Democrats to stop Bush's illegal occupation of Iraq. The D. C. Democrats have failed to respond to the base of the Democratic Party, and the majority of Americans, and end the Iraq military occupation. By providing Bush & Co. with more funds, they must now join with Bush in owning the illegal war they approved and funded. And as I predicted, Pelosi is a disappointment.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Mid-South Pride

Here I am with my Impeach Bush sign at the start of the Mid-South Pride parade Sunday. It was a good day, Mid-South Pride has been improving each year it has taken over Memphis Pride. It was encouraging see a few Democratic candidates at the Pride Festival. State Senator Beverly Marrero and Jeanne Richardson, the candidate to replace her in the TN House (Dist. 89) spoke, as did Herman Morris, candidate for Memphis Mayr. Morris seemed pretty supportive of equal rights for LGBT people, and any candidate who speaks in favor of "lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender" rights deserves our support. But where were the other candidates ???

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Republicans Play Anti-Gay Card Again

With an approval rating falling to the levels of Richard Nixon, the Bush Administration is trying to win back support of its Christo-Fascist base by once again attacking gays, or more precisely, forcing the Democrats in Congress to vote on controversial bills that will force them to side with LGBT people. First is a bill that will include funding for abstinence (i.e., anti-gay) sex education programs. Second, the nomination of a Neanderthal anti-gay surgeon general, James Holsinger who sides with the anti-gay Christain right on homosexuality. So the Democrats must choose between LGBT voters and conservative Christian voters. Hopefully the Democrats will listen to its own base rather than try to placate the GOP base.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Democrats Vs. Republicans

I didn't watch all of the Democratic or Republican Presidential candidate debates, I just can't watch stupid reporters asking stupid questions and polished candidates trying to spin their answers to get the best poll numbers. I thought the Democratic candidates were OK, nothing to get excited about, but compared to the Republican idiots tonight, the Democrats sure look good, even Hillary. Seems like one thing the Dems and Repugs all agree on now is that Bush screwed up Iraq. The Republican candidates attacked Bush on Katrina and Iraq. They disagreed on immigration and other issues, but all the Republicans agree on one thing..homos should not be allowed to serve "openly" in the military. It was painful to watch Giulliani and Romney back peddle away from queer folks. At one time, both support some "gay rights," Gulliani even supported "civil unions" once upon a time, but no more. Except for Kuccinich, the Dems have no backbone to defend marriage equality for gays and lesbians, but according to the HRC Report Card they all support "equal rights" for gays, including the same rights and benefits as "married" couples, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and all oppose the military's anti-gay "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy. Wonder what excuse the homo-cons and Uncle Tom Republicans will come up with to support the Republicans in 2008??
And here's something you won't find ont the Republican Party webiste, the Democratic Party Gay Pride Web page and Pride Proclamation!