Sunday, April 30, 2006

Neil Young's "Living With War"
Neil Young is my hero! He has made a brillliant anti-war/anti-bush album, a soundtrack for the anti-war/Impeach Bush movement!
Its only available online at this time, hopefully he can get it out through a record company and radio stations will play “Impeach the President”
The album should be available for digital purchase on iTunes May 2.

One of Neil Young’s best albums.. Too bad not many other artists have stood up!

Go here and listen to Neil Young’s BRILLIANT, ANGRY, anti-bush/anti-war album:
Living With War

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Racist Theocrats in Democratic Party

The Republican Party is not the only party with theocrats trying to tear down the Wall of Separation between Churcha and State. While the largely white Christian Right has worked in the Republican Party to push their theocratic agenda (anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, school prayer, creationism, etc.) we seem to have a similar problem in the Democratic Party, but among largley African-American churches and clergy who also oppose abortion rights and civil rights (i.e. marriage) for gays and lesbians.
We should be alarmed by a group called the "Memphis Baptist Ministerial Association" or something like that which is concerned that a white candidate (i.e. Steve Cohen) could win the 9th Dist. House seat formerly held by Harold Ford Jr. These racist theocrats seem to be concerned that there are too many black candidate (who "have no chance of winning") who may cancel out the black candidates and allow a white candidate to win. Just imagine if these were white churches trying to stop a black candidate from winning!
These black churches need to (a) stop working with the Republican Christian Right to impose a Christian theocratic government in the U.S. and (b) stop practicing racist politics.
They should have learned by now that just because a candidate is black, that does not make them the best candidate to represent African-Americans!
Impeachment of Bush/Cheney

The movement to impeach Bush & Cheney is growing. Repubilcan strategists are worried that if the Democrats gain control of the House or Senate, there will be hearings that would have a good chance of leading to Impeachment. I hope they are right. For this to happen, however, the leadership of the Democratic Party must show some backbone and quit running scared. If a Democratic president was guilty of they lies and crimes of Bush/Cheney, Republicans would have already impeached them!

There are many organizations and websites pushing the impeachment of Bush/Cheney, but the main ones are:

Impeach Bush
Impeach Pac

Impeach Pac's site has a citizens guide to impeachment, with lots of sample resolutions for local and state governments.
I'm sure about this, but I've heard that if a STATE legislature sends a "Petition for Impeachment of the President" to Congress, Congress will have to debate it. So there is a rush on to get a STATE resolution passed and sent to Congress.
Vermont may be the first state legislature to do this, since several cities there have already passed impeachment resolutions.
Now, could we get a resolution passed by the City of Memphis and the Tennessee legislature?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Christians Fight Tolerance/Push Theocratic Agenda

This item in the paper today, "Christians Sue to Fight Tolerance"
Ruth Malhotra says her Christian faith compels her to vocally condemn homosexuality..
She has filed a suit demanding that Georgia Institute of Technology revoke its tolerance policy which protect gays and lesbians from harrassment.
While Christo-fascists claim they are the ones being persecuted, it is they who are promoting intolerance!
Anytime their theocratic agenda is challenged, they cry that they are being persecuted!

A few items in the news:

Georgia OKs Bible Classes, Commandments
April 20, 2006 7:50 PM EDT

ATLANTA - Georgia became what is believed to be the first state to offer government-sanctioned elective classes on the Bible, with Gov. Sonny Perdue signing a bill into law Thursday.

The governor also signed a bill permitting the display of the Ten Commandments at courthouses, an issue that has raised thorny constitutional questions.

Critics say the measures blur the line between church and state. National civil rights groups said they want to see how the laws are implemented before deciding whether to challenge them in court.

The Bible is already incorporated into classes in Georgia and other states, and some local school districts have passed measures permitting classes devoted solely to the Bible. But education analysts say the law in Georgia is the first time a state government has endorsed such courses.

The new law allows elective classes on the Bible to be taught to high school students. Local school systems will decide whether to teach the courses.

The state Education Department has until February to craft curriculums. The law requires that the courses be taught "in an objective and nondevotional manner with no attempt made to indoctrinate students."

The state's new Ten Commandments law was prompted by controversy over the posting of the commandments at the Barrow County Courthouse. A federal judge ordered the display removed in July.

Backers of the law made clear they were trying to craft a statute that would survive any constitutional challenges.

In a split decision last June, the U.S. Supreme Court declared exhibits of the Ten Commandments constitutional if their main purpose was to honor the nation's legal, rather than religious, traditions, and if they didn't promote one religious sect over another.

Both bills passed the state Legislature by comfortable margins.


Hernando: Medlin favors display of Ten Commandments on county property
Posted by: will on Wednesday, April 19, 2006 - 01:01 AM
County Supervisor Jessie Medlin thinks it might do some good if the Ten Commandments were posted in the Courthouse and Administration building in Hernando.

He broached the subject at Monday’s board meeting.
“I think we ought to take a stand on it,” he said.
Putting the Ten Commandments, or any other religious words or symbols, on public property has been a lightning rod for controversy for years and has been challenged in federal court any number of times.
Supervisor Bill Russell asked board attorney Tony Nowak what he thought of the proposal.
“It is a highly litigious area,” said Nowak.
He did say that the Supreme Court ruled recently that the Ten Commandments placed on public property as part of a historical presentation was acceptable.
The Court ruled in June 2005 that a display on the Ten Commandments on the grounds of the Texas state Capitol in Austin was legal because it was “a passive historical monument and not a religious monument.”
The Commandments were on a six-foot monolith along with other material and was one of 17 historical monuments and 21 markers.
The Court ruled “the state had a valid secular purpose” in putting the marker on the Capitol’s grounds which did not promote religion.
Medlin said at Monday’s meeting that he realized placing the Ten Commandments on public property could prompt a legal challenge.
“You are going to have someone protest everything,” he said.
Medlin said Tuesday that he had been thinking about making such a proposal for some time and was feeling the board out to see how they felt about it.
“If I believe in something I take a stand,” he said.
Medlin said he feels that most of the people in the county would support him on the issue.
“A lot of people talk about things but then sit back and do nothing,” he said. “I’m tired of the majority not being able to run things.”
Medlin did not make a motion at Monday’s meeting to place the Commandments at the two sites but said he might in the future if he feels there is support on the board.

Rino Dolbi / DeSoto Times News Staff

The Theocrats are pushing “10 Commandments Day” on May 7, and the Council on Secular Humanism and the First Amendment Project are countering with 10 Amendments Day, check it out:
Ten Amendments Day

Monday, April 17, 2006

HFJr. is to the RIGHT of John McCain!

John McCain reiterated that he opposes the anti-gay "Federal Marriage Amendment", as long as states are free to make their own laws defining marriage (thanks to the "Defense of Marriage Act" DOMA, signed into law by Bill Clinton, another Democrat who sold out gay voters who helped elect him..)

This means that Harold Ford Jr., who voted for the FMA, is now to the RIGHT of Republican John McCain!
Harold Ford Jr. Has "It"

The HFJr Campaign sent this out on their email list today.
Notice that Jr. is running not only against equal civil rights for gays and lesbians, he is running AGAINST the Democatic Party!
He is stabbing the Democratic "leaders" who endorsed and support him in the back! This is what makes being a Democrat today so painful! Why do they support candidates that run against THEM and pander to the Republican base??

As expected, Jr. is using his vote FOR the Republican anti-gay Federal Marriage Amendment to court the anti-gay Republican base, never mind the Democratic Party base, never mind the Democratic Party “dogma” that believes that equality and social justice are more important than winning an election at any cost!
What ever happened to “values”?

The reporter who wrote this piece of Harold Ford Jr. propaganda does not know what “it” is that Jr. has, but I can think of a few things to call “it.”

Leftwing Cracker says they left off the first two letters :)

Jim Maynard, write-in candidate, US Senate
Jim Maynard for Congress

This reporter must have been paid for his political ad disguised as "news":


From the Knoxville News Sentinel:
Korda: Ford campaigns with a healthy share of "it"
April 15, 2006 

 Whatever 'it" is, Harold Ford, Jr. appears to have a healthy share.
"It" is a quality that separates average politicians from political stars, or those who have the ability to reach such heights.
Seeking the U.S. Senate seat held for 12 years by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is a political life-changing undertaking for Ford in more ways than just personal. If he's successful it will alter the national political structure within Tennessee.
Some 200 pumped-up people were at Knoxville's Foundry on April 11, awaiting the entrance of the not-quite 36-year-old, five-term congressman from Memphis. They were there not just to hear him speak on energy independence, but for something else.
To feel "it."
Energy surrounds Ford and his campaign. Ford's campaign staff members have the excited look of Kentucky Derby entry owners whose horse, they're sure, is the biggest and fastest in the race.
With State Sen. Rosalind Kurita dropping out of the contest, Ford now has a potential distraction off his plate. He can focus exclusively on the issues he wants to promote while letting his potential Republican opponents battle it out for their party's nomination.
Ford and every state political observer fully expect the Republican mantra to be that he's a liberal out of the Tennessee mainstream. His father, Harold Ford, certainly established a liberal voting record during his 22 years in the U.S. House of Representatives. Thus, a topic of regular political discussion is whether Ford's stated political moderation is a result of pragmatism or conviction.
If he's not sincere, he's doing a remarkable job of presenting himself as someone who is sincere.
In his Tuesday talk Ford spoke about how he upsets some Democrats because of his positions that run counter to the national party's dogma. For example, he says he opposes gay marriage and gun control.
That doesn't mean Ford is to the right of Republicans Ed Bryant, Bob Corker or Van Hilleary. But he's defying being pigeon-holed on the left, either.
The people in the room on Tuesday didn't care that he isn't in lock-step with Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi (who Ford ran against for the Democratic House leadership) or Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid.
Ford is not going to adhere to the national media's or the national party's image of what a Democratic candidate should say or believe. He can't do that and win in Tennessee.
What Ford wants is to engage. He's like a combat soldier who wants to close with the enemy. Both during and Tuesday event and in a conversation afterwards, he brought up issue after issue and said, "We need to debate these during this campaign, and I look forward to it."
More than something he looks forward to, such engagement is something he clearly craves.
On Tuesday he was straightforward about his thoughts on Social Security and younger workers. He advocates reforming Social Security in part by telling Americans under 40 years old not to expect a Social Security check until they're 70 as a means of helping the system.
He says he would like to see pork barrel spending by Congress eliminated until the country again has a balanced budget.
Ford spoke about having been to Iraq four times as he called for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's resignation.
And, as many candidates do, he said the U.S. must wean itself from dependence on Middle East oil.
Ford referenced several times how he sometimes upsets Democrats with his positions. He means Democrats way over on the left, the kind of voters who, if a candidate panders to them, will cost that candidate an election in Tennessee.
Ford understands that elections are won and lost in the center mass of the electorate. Gone are the days when an Albert Gore, Jr. could present himself as a moderate-to-conservative in Tennessee and turn hard left when he got back to Washington. Tennessee and its political nature have changed.
Whether the Republican candidate is Bryant, Corker or Hilleary, he is going to have his hands very, very full with Harold Ford, Jr., who has carefully and adroitly positioned himself to defy easy categorization.
When they hit him, he's going to hit back, articulately. He does not have any intention of letting his opponents define him. Over the next few months, Tennessee is going to get a good dose of "it."
We'll see how "it" works for Harold Ford, Jr.

Hmmm...what a piece of crap! This article is filled with propaganda and "bull **it"
It is another example of he CONSERVATIVE medias attempt to paint "liberals" as out of the mainstream and move the political "center" over to the right. And it looks like HFJr is buying into it and playing along.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Getting Serious

First, thanks to the Leftwing Cracker for pushing my write-in campaign against Harold Ford Jr. in the Demcocratic primary for the U.S. Senate.
Like many progressive/liberal Democrats (and I'm a gay one on top of that), I have a serious problem with supporting a centrist/conservate Democrat who sacrifices gays and lesbians to win an election. That is what Harold Ford Jr. did. Knowing he would be running for the U.S. Senate, he voted with REPUBLICANS for the anti-gay "Federal Marriage Amendment" back in 2004, just before that election, so that the Republicans would not accuse him of supporting gay marriage when he ran for the Senate. It didn't work.. they still accused him of supporting gay marriage anyway! Of course, now he can, and did, respond by calling the GOP on this and bragged about voting WITH REPUBLICANS for the REPUBLICAN anti-gay amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Keep in mind, the Democratic Party and it's Presidential candidate John Kerry, were publicly OPPOSING this Republican amendment. The DNC was courting gay voters by opposing the amendment. John Kerry even spoke against it in his acceptance speech at the DNC. But Harold Ford Jr., a "Democrat" voted with the Republicans, with the Republican Party, With Tom Delay, with the Christian Coalition, etc. and voted to write discrimination into the U.S. Constitution, for the first time in the history of the United States of America.

Now, I realize that "gay marriage" was used by the Republicans as a wedge issue, which they used very successfully to divide the "base" of the Democratic Party, pitting conservative Christian African-Americans against gays and lesbians, and forcing the Democratic Party to choose between the different legs of its base. And they are doing it AGAIN! The GOP is getting ready to bring the Federal Marriage Amendment back up for a vote in time for the 2006 election! Why should I support Harold Ford Jr., when he has already voted for this Republican amendment to write discrimination against gays and lesbians into the U.S. Constitution. Can the Ford people please explain to me why I should vote for him??
Why should gays and lesbians keep supporting the Democratic Party (next to African-Americans we may be the most loyal democratic voters!)
I don't think gays and lesbians are the only part of the "Democratic base" asking this question. The DLC conservative/centrist Democrats are more interested in appeasing the Republican base than they are the Democratic base!

I had not planned on running for the U.S. Senate. I had thought about making a serious run for the House Dist. 9 seat being vacated (abandoned) by HFJ, but I decided to wait it out and support a more experienced progressive, like Steve Cohen. Thanks to Steve Cohen, we now have a real Democrat to support for that office.

I knew I did not have a chance to run for the U.S. Senate, and like many other progressive/liberal Democrats, I had planned on voting for Rosalind Kurita, even though she was not as liberal or progressive as I am or as I wanted her to be, but she seemed more progressive than HFJ. Now she dropped out and we had no opposition candidate against HFJ in the Democratic Primary.

I heard from many progressive and gay Democrats who were dismayed about the situation, and I made a last-minute decision to run as a write-in candidate. I know I will not and cannot win this election against Harold Ford Jr., but as Leftwing Cracker and autoegocrat (see PeskyFly blog) have eloquently stated, liberal and progressive Democrats in Tennessee must stand up and make a stand.

Maybe we can send a message that our votes will NOT be taken for granted. Maybe the Democratic Party (especially in Tennessee) willl stop ignoring us.

We must get organized for the next time, so we won't be forced into this situation again. Let's gete some REAL progressive Democrats on the ballots!

Jim Maynard
Write-in Candidate
U.S. Senate
Jim Maynard for Congress

Saturday, April 15, 2006

GOP Election Plan: Flag-Burning, Gay Marriage Amendments

Here they go again! USA Today reports that Senate Republicans are laying out their election plan and, surprise!, it will be to push for the anti-gay Federal Marriage Amendment and resurrect their old chestnut "anti-flag burning" amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and of course more restrictions on abortion rights.

Let's see...we are in a "war on terror", a quagmired military occupation in Iraq, a criminal scandalridden Republican Congress and White House, American workers are falling behind in the "class war," and these are the issues the Republican Reich think matter the most to American voters!

Unfortunately, there are many of those poor workers who do consider these issues more important than their economic well-being, but (hopefully) they are not the majority of American voters.

Senate Majority Leader, and likely presidential candidate Bill Frist (R-TN) has promised a vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment in time for the upcoming election. However, the other likely GOP Presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) says he is still opposed to the amendment (unless the courts strike down the Defense of Marriage Act which allows states the right to define marriage themselves). But, given McCain's backstrokes to kiss up to the Christian Right (he recently jumped in bed with Jerry Falwell), I expect he will change his position to win the GOP nomination, which requires the support of the GOP's christo-fascist base.

Once again, the GOP will attack queers to win the election... and the Democratic Party will try not to be trapped into supporting gay marriage again, while still expecting the support of gay voters.

As a gay person who has not considered the heterosexist institution of "marriage" at the top of the "gay agenda," I'm beginning to think that gay marriage is not worth another fascist Republican congress or another Republican administration. Is there anyway to "postpone" the gay marriage thing? I guess not. We are forced to stand up for the equality and social justice, even if it means losing a few elections, but will the cost be too high?

Should we have to choose between the future of U.S. Democracy, the Constitution and the planet over equal rights for gays?
Scratching my head..

Friday, April 14, 2006

Ford Jr. and the Future of the Democratic Party

Harold Ford Jr. made an appearance at his East Memphis Headquarters last Thursday. Jackson Baker reports in the Memphis Flyer that Ford said:

”I’m not a Democrat,” he said at one point, ‘running up to Washington yelling ‘Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat.’ Somebody’s going to go, and I know I make some Democrats upset at times because I’m just a believer if it works, you have to support it.”

Jr. is trying to distance himself from the Democratic Party base and win the support of Republicans and Independents. Funny how Democratic Party "strategists" seem more concerned about reaching out to the Republican base than their own base, while Republicans focus on their base...

Jr. and the TN Democratic Party think that they will be able to win enough republican support to win the Senate, but they are wrong. The Republicans will red-bait Ford Jr. despite all his denials of being one of those "liberal" nuts who support equal rights for gays, or abortion rights, or "class warfare," etc..

Anyway, you can read more about Ford Jr. and the centrist sell-out of the Democratic Party and its liberal/progressive base over on the PeskyFly and LeftwingCracker blogs...
Be sure to check out Autoegocrat's wonderful essay on the Peskyfly blog: "Where we Are, How We Got Here, and How Can We Get Out of This Mess" for a brilliant analysis of Harold Ford Jr. and the sell-out of the Democratic Party.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Write Me In for U.S. Senate!

With the announcement that Rosalind Kurita is withdrawing from the primary election for the U.S. Senate, there is no progressive Democratic opposition to Harold Ford Jr. in the Democratic primary August 3. I have decided to offer my name once again as a write-in candidate for those Democrats who wish to vote for a real progressive, liberal Democrat in the primary election. I want Democrats to win in November and take back control of the U.S. Congress, therefore I will support Harold Ford Jr., or whoever wins the Democratic primary, in the general election. But I and many other Democrats want a choice in this primary election, and an opportunity to offer an alternative vision for the future of the Democratic Party.

Some background:

On Sept. 30, 2004, Rep. Harold Ford Jr. reversed prior position statements and voted for the anti-gay "Federal Marriage Amendment" (H.J. Resolution 56), which would amend the U.S. Constitution to prohibit states from allowing gay and lesbian couples to enjoy the legal rights of marriage.  Because Rep. Ford  has voted against gay and lesbian civil rights, because he has voted with opponents of gay and lesbian equality, and because he voted against the position of the Democratic Party and its Presidential Candidate John Kerry, I decided to oppose him as a write-in candidate in the Nov. 2, 2004 election.  ( I received 166 votes.)

While Rep. Ford has consistently opposed gay marriage, he has also taken the position of John Kerry and the Democratic Party that it is wrong and unnecessary to amend the U.S. Constitution to block the right of states to allow gays and lesbians to marry--until Sept. 30, 2004 when he caved in to a campaign of intolerance waged by anti-gay churches and clergy in Memphis.  I and many other gay and lesbian supporters of Harold Ford Jr. were very disappointed with his betrayal.

This is not the first time he has endorsed conservative positions.  He has supported President Bush's "Faith-based Initiatives" which violate the First Amendment's anti-establishment clause and the constitutional separation of church and state.  He supported the Iraq War and wasteful military spending.  I have decided that I can no longer support him or vote for him and believe that voters deserve a better choice, someone who stands up for his beliefs and principles, defends civil rights, equality and social justice for all, and supports the separation of church and state.

It is now clear that Harold Ford Jr. crossed party lines and voted for the anti-gay Federal Marriage Amendment in anticipation of running for the U.S. Senate 2006.  His campaign for the Senate has emphasized his vote for the anti-gay Federal Marriage Amendment and his opposition to gay marriage, as well as his votes to restrict the right of women to abortion, and he has indicated that he supports some version of the Republican plan to "privatize" Social Security, as he has supported much of the Bush Administration's conservative policies. 

Progressive Democrats must challenge Harold Ford Jr. and the "centrist" Democratic Party establishment that supported him over his main Democratic opponent, Rosalind Kurita, who has withdrawn from the race for lack of money and party support.  It is very disturbing to me that candidates who cannot compete against other candidates with large corporate and other political establishment donors are forced to drop out of the political process.  People with money and family name recognition should not be automatically entitled to political office.

I still believe that PROGRESSIVE Democrats deserve a real choice in this election and so I offer my name as a write-in candidate for the August 2 primary for Democrats who share my unwavering belief in the progressive Democratic principles of peace, social justice, equality and the separation of church and state.   I still believe in the Democratic Party and urge progressive Democrats to join me in the fight for the heart, soul and future of the Democratic Party and our country.

Jim Maynard for U.S. Senate
Jim Maynard For Congress

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sen. Russ Feingold Takes on Bush AND Support Gay marriage!

Hurray for Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) who became the third national Democratic leadeer to publicly support equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians! Feingold came out this to support gay marriage rights and to oppose a constitutional amendment in Wisconsin that will prohibit same-sex marriages, civil unions and domestic partnerships.

Feingold also stepped up to the plate and sponsored a censure resolution against George W. Bush for his illegal wiretapping and other crimes. Unfortunately, he got little support from the rest of the Democratic "leadership".

Hopefully Feingold will run for President... I would love to vote for a true progressive Democrat with courage and conviction (NOT Hillary Clinton!)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Steve Cohen Running for House Dist. 9

TN State Sen. Steve Cohen announced Monday that he is running for the U.S. House Dist. 9 seat being vacated by Harold Ford Jr. who is running for the U.S. Senate. Steve Cohen ran unsuccessfully against Harold Ford Jr. about 10 years ago. I ran against Harold Ford Jr. as a write-in candidate in 2004 after Jr. voted for the Republican anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment. I had considered running again this election, but decided to wait and see if a progressive candidate runs that I can support and that has the political experience and resources to win. I had begged Steve to run and am glad he is. Cohen is one of the few politicians in Tennessee I can support enthusiastically. He is well qualified to for House of Representatives, and he is a progressive Democrat who stands up for his principles. I urge everyone to support him!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rep. Henri Brooks

Recently representatives of Tennessee Equality Project and
Initiative:Fairness met with representatives in Nashville to discuss
gay/lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues. I was disturbed to hear that
one of our "Democratic" representatives, Henri Brooks (Rep. Dist 92) voiced
her opposition to gay rights and said that her constituents were black
churches and that the glbt community was not "predominant enough" for her to
support glbt-friendly legislation.

As a gay Democrat, I am embarrassed that Henri Brooks represents our party
in the state of Tennessee, and I hope her constituents and progressive
thinking Democrats will reconsider supporting her political ambitions.

Here is a link to her website with contact information:
Rep. Henri Brooks

And her is a letter I sent her:

------ Forwarded Message
From: Jim Maynard
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006 21:45:36 -0600
Cc: Maynard Jim
Subject: Disappointed

Dear Rep. Henri Brooks,

Representatives of Tennessee Equality Project and Initiative:Fairness,
organizations advocating civil rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and
transgender people, met with you to discuss your lack of support for
glbt civil rights legislation. They have reported that you stated that
the GLBT community is not "predominant enough" for you to support
GLBT-friendly legislation, and that your constituents were
African-American churches.

It is very disturbing that a Democratic representative would make such
a statement and disregard not only the civil rights of gay and lesbian
people, many of whom live in your district, but that you would limit
your representation to black churches.

I would like to remind you that you represent all the constituents in
your district, including gays and lesbians, and I hope that when
progressive-thinking Democrats learn of your prejudice against gays and
lesbians that they will reconsider supporting your political ambitions
in the future.

Jim Maynard

Saturday, April 01, 2006

McCain Panders to the GOP Christo-Fascist Base

The anti-gay Republican Christian Right continues its war on gays...Supreme Court Justice Scalia said in a recent speech that there is no constitutional right to "homosexual conduct"; the christo-fascist American Family Association is threatening to boycot Walmart for selling "Brokeback Mountain" DVDs; and it looks like future Republican presidential candidate John McCain (Sen. Ariz) is going to try to make amends with the Christian Right. He is reported to be meeting with Jerry Falwell and other religious right leaders.

I never understood why McCain is considered to be a "moderate" or "liberal" in the Republican Party: he's anti-choice, pro-military, pro-war, etc. Even gay Republicans have supported him, even though he doesn't support any gay rights legislation or policies, and has not even opposed the "don't ask don't tell" anti-gay military policy which he is not likely to take on.

The Log Cabin Republicans supported McCain against Bush, but will they continue to support him after he works to get the support of the anti-gay Christian Right to win the GOP nomination??? Probably...Uncle Tom Republicans still support Bush, and the anti-gay Republican Party!