Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sarah Palin Gets Anointed by Anti-Semitic Witch Hunter!

This is a MUST read/see!
Back when she was running for Governor, the visiting preacher at the Wasilla Assembly of God, Thomas Muthee (a “witch-hunter” from Kenya), “anointed” her to fight witch craft and “the enemy” (non-Chistians) and preached about how “tongue-speaking” Pentecostals should take over the government (Schools, media, etc.), and then he and the church “laid hands” on Sarah Palin to anoint her the Gov. of Alaska!
This is the nutcase that John McCain chose to be V.P.!


Will the mainstream media play this the way they did Rev.Wright???

UPDATE: The media has only focused on Muthee's comments about witchcraft and saying that he was praying to protect her from witchcraft, but have missed the REAL problem with Muthee's sermon and the anointing of Sarah Palin. He was preaching about the goal of a THEOCRATIC government ran by "spirit-filled" (i.e., pentecostal) Christians.

He also made an anti-semitic statement that was overlooked: If you go to 1:20 into this Youtube, you will hear Muthee, who later anointed Palin, say the following words in Palin's presence:

"The second area whereby God wants us, wants to penetrate in our society is in the economic area. The Bible says that the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. It's high time that we have top Christian businessmen, businesswomen, bankers, you know, who are men and women of integrity running the economics of our nations. That's what we are waiting for. That's part and parcel of transformation. If you look at the -- you know -- if you look at the Israelites, that's how they work. And that's how they are, even today."

Let's see if the mainstream media picks up the REAL story...

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