Thursday, February 28, 2008

TN GOP Smears Obama with Alledged Ties to Farrakhan and Anti-Semitism

Tennessee GOP Smears Obama with Alleged Ties to Farrakhan and Anti-Semitism

Two days ago, the Tennessee Republican Party put out a press release entitled "Anti-Semites For Obama," accusing "Barack Hussein Obama" of being anti-Israel and linked to Louis Farrakhan. And just to sweeten the deal, they included the picture of Obama in native African clothing. (They have dropped "Hussein" and the picture.)
This follows a right-wing radio host who referred to "Barack Hussein Obama" at a recent McCain rally, and appears to be the "swift boat" attack the Republicans will use against Barack Obama.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama Makes Historic Gay Ad Buy

The Advocate reports that Barack Obama Makes Gay Ad Buy in Ohio and Texas

It is historic because it is the first time a major presidential candidate has purchased ads targeting the LGBT community. Wouldn't it make a nice poster!

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Switches from Clinton to Obama

Civil Rights Icon John Lewis Switches Support from Clinton to Obama
Civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis dropped his support for Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential bid Wednesday in favor of Barack Obama. Lewis, a Democratic congressman from Atlanta, is the most prominent black leader to defect from Clinton's campaign in the face of near-unanimous black support for Obama in recent voting. He also is a superdelegate who gets a vote at this summer's national convention in Denver.

Yesterday, Obama was also endorsed by former Presidential Candidate Christopher Dodd

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Clinton-Obama Last Stand

It wasn't quit the cat fight some were expecting, but there were some sparks in tonight's (last?) Democratic Presidential debate. Both performed well under the pressure, but I don't think Hillary scored a major knockout she needed to stop Obama. As with the last debate when she was booed for accusing Obama of "xeroxing" change, she made several sarcastic remarks that did not go over well. She again refered to the silly Saturday Night Live skit as "proof" that the media was biased in favor of Obama and complained about being asked the first question and asked if Obama needed a pillow. I though I heard some booing or sighs in the audience, but maybe it was me. She sounded shrill and, well, silly.

The 15 minute discussion of their healthcare plans bored me to death. I still don't understand either of their plans, and I don't think most people do. I don't know who is right about "mandates" etc... Both of their plans fall short of true "universal" health care. If they really want to FIGHT for the right of everyone to healthcare, they should be supporting the single-payer approach instead of trying to force everyone into private insurance plans.

Hillary accused Obama of wanting to bomb Pakistan, borrowing a line from John McCain, which is not true.

Obama was solid, and a little too laid back for me, I wish he would be more aggressive, but perhaps he looks more "presidential" by not being too aggressive. He certainly looked more presidential.

Tim Russert tried to "balance" his tough questions to both candidates, but the question about Louis Farrakhan was totally unfair. Obama does not have to "reject" anyone's statements about him. Farrakhan has offered nothing to the Obama campaign for him to reject. It was probably the dumbest part of the whole debate, and an obvious attempt to embarrass Obama and link him with Farrakhan. It is part of the right-wing race baiting of Obama, which I'm afraid will get worse.

Obama did go after Clinton on her vote for the Iraq War. Hillary did, finally, seem to take back her vote to authorize the Iraq war. But it is totally unbelievable that she was dooped by G.W. Bush. Most of the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives, and many in the Senate, knew enough of the facts to vote against it. She voted for it for political reasons, knowing she was going to run for President. In my opinion, that vote disqualifies her from being president! No member of Congress who voted for the Iraq war should ever sit in the White House!

Hillary showed her ugly dark side a few times. Obama took the high road at the end of this debate when asked what Hillary had to do to show she was worthy of being President. Obama said she didn't have to prove she was worthy and made a great argument for why he thought he would be a better candidate against John McCain. I was waiting for Hillary to admit that Obama was also worthy, but I don't think she did...

Clintonites, this whole "the media is biased against Hillary" schick is getting old and ridiculous! The moderators were obviously trying to be "fair" tonight, and balanced their tough questions to both candidates. It would be irrational to accuse MSNBC of being biased in this debate, but you can bet that the hysterical TN Hillary Women will whine about how unfair they were to Hillary.

If the Clinton campaign were waging the nomination on this debate, they will be disappointed. Obama has moved ahead of HRC in Texas and is within a few points in Ohio. This debate will not stop Obama's momentum.

See also: Marc Cooper, Hilllary's Ignominious Finale
Polls: Obama Surges Past Clinton Seen as most electable. Among Democrats, Obama now has a double-digit lead over Clinton (51% to 39%); In a general election match-up, Obama leads McCain by 4% (49% to 45%); McCain beats Clinton (49% to 47%).

Debate Preview: Which Hillary Will Show Up?

It is expected that Hillary Clinton will try to throw the "kitchen sink" at Barack Obama tonight, following her hysterical mocking of Obama's speeches.
Here are some things to read in preparation for tonight's debate:

Arianna Huffington on Clinton, Obama and the Magic Power of Words compares the words of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Robert Perry takes a closer look at the War on Obama, and why the political establishment, including the Clintons, want to stop him.

Frank Rich, Hillary's End: Arrogance Has Taken Her to the Brink

Monday, February 25, 2008

Gay Man Bequeaths $65 Million to LGBT Groups

Former Microsoft programmer and close friend of Bill Gates, Ric Weiland bequeathed $65 Million to LGBT groups, The bequest, the largest every for LGBT groups, includes multi-milllion gifts to the Pride Foundation, the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, Lambda Legal, and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Weiland committed suicide in June 2006.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nader is Running

Ralph Nader Announced on ABC's Meet The Press that he is Running for President
This is bad news for Hillary Clinton, if she is the nominee, since she already polls close or behind John McCain and would loose many votes from anti-war Democrats who vow they will not vote for her if she is the Democratic nominee. Obama would be able to beat John McCain even with Nader in the race, and would not loose the anti-war votes since he was smart enough to OPPOSE the Iraq War from the beginning.

Meet John McCain's "Friends"

Brave New Films has released another great video exposing the REAL John McCain.
Meet The Real John McCain

In addition to his past history with lobbyists (The S& L scandals and the "Keating 5), and the newest revelations about his "relationship" with lobbyist Vicki Iseman, ABC news reveals that McCain has 59 Lobbyists raising money for his campaign !

Another reason why Barack Obama, who refuses to take money from lobbyists, would be a better Democratic candidate to take on John McCain, than Hillary Clinton, who has received more donations from lobbyists than any other presidential candidate!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

This Is Me

It's 1 AM and I'm still up blogging! My partner is calling me to bed so goodnite!

Obama Vs. Clinton

Tonight's Obama vs. Hillary Clinton Debate in Texas is wrapping up. Hillary Clinton has continued her negative attacks against Obama (accusing him of copying speeches, etc.). The crowd booed Clinton when she accused Obama of "xeroxing" change.

I was shocked to hear a Clinton speech yesterday where she actually took a shot at Michelle Obama, copying John McCain's wife, by attacking her patriotism! She said something like "I have ALWAYS been proud of my country.." Also, Thom Hartmann pointed out on his radio program yesterday that the clip of Michelle Obama that the right-wing media (and the Clinton campaign) has been playing over and over was EDITED! The edited clip has her saying "For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country," but she actually said, "For the first time in my adult time I'm REALLY proud of my country"! The word "really" was cut out, totally changing the meaning and emphasis of our comment about how proud she was about how voters are energized and have join her husband's campaign.
Here's the video of what Michelle Obama REALLY said

Hillary has been sounding a lot like a Republican attack dog this week, accusing Obama of being all talk, no substance, etc.
HIllary was more aggressive than Obama in the debate, he tried to rise above her negative attacks, but I think he needs to learn to fight back more aggressively. I found myself debating Hillary at times, and wishing he would go after her "record". Obama's main "weakness" is that he really believes in staying positive, but the reality is that in American politics you have to be able to give back.

If I were Obama, I would have pointed out that Hillary's "record" on health care was a FAILURE. And her new plan's mandates have also FAILED in places like Massachusetts. And I would turn the question about legislative successes around and ask what exactly has Hillary Clinton accomplished in her two terms in the Senate, other than supporting the illegal invasion of Iraq and cave in to the Bush administration on issues like Iran, etc. ?

The debate did end on a good note, when Hillary said she was honored to be debating Obama.
Politico blogger Ben SMith points out that Hillary Clinton "copied" her big line at the end of the debate from John Edwards!

Clinton Tonight:

You know, whatever happens, we're going to be fine. You know, we have strong support from our families and our friends. I just hope that we'll be able to say the same thing about the American people. And that's what this election should be about.?

Edwards the December 13 debate:

What's not at stake are any of us. All of us are going to be just fine no matter what happens in this election. But what's at stake is whether America is going to be fine.?

(She also "xeroxed" John Edwards Health Care plan!)

Huffington Post has a good summary and analysis of the debate.

Gay Superdelegate Jason Rae Backs Obama

Jason Rae, the youngest (and gay) superdelegate who has been heavily courted by Chelsea and Bill Clinton, has decided to back Barack Obama!

Here's a good article on Queerty on Obama's Gay Supporters, including interviews with three LGBT leaders supporting Obama: Tobias Wolff, Stampp Corbin, and Eric Stern.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama Wins Wisconsin, "Hillary Clinton Fading" (AP)

Obama Wins Wisconsin, his 9th straight win, and is expected to win Hawaii later tonight (Wed. morning), which will make it 10 in a row for him.

Not only did Obama win by nearly 20% percent (around 58% to 41%), he won over 66 percent of the male vote AND nearly tied Clinton with women (48%-51%)! Obama eroded HRC's base of support among women. Clinton led in women and those over 60.

Guess Hillary Clinton's negative attacks on Obama didn't work. Exit polls show that over 52% of WI voters thought Hillary Clinton ran a negative campaign.
(Didn't John McCain's attacks on Obama in his speech sound a lot like Hillary Clinton??)

She must win Ohio and Texas or she is out March 4, so prepare for MORE negative Republican attacks on Obama from the Clinton campaign.

According to Tim Russert on MSNBC, HRC must win 65% of the delegates in Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania, which is not likely.

Monday, February 18, 2008

De-Constructing the "Ex-Gay" Myth Conference

Beyond Ex-Gay is having an "ex-gay" survivors conference in Memphis this week (Feb. 22-24) featuring a number of events and workshops to counter Focus on the Family's anti-gay "Love Won Out" Conference. For more information and resources visit Deconstructing the Ex-Gay Myth: A Weekend of Action and Art It's good to see somebody organizing events to expose the truth about the "ex-gay" movement.

Personally, I don't have any problems with religious fanatics who want to repress their own homo-desire, but when they align themselves with political groups who oppose the civil rights of LGBT people, I have a problem. I believe many people are "bisexual" and should have the right to choose their own sexual preference and identity, and that includes those who want to choose a "straight" life. We should not, however, allow the anti-gay religious right to make the issue of choice the basis of our civil rights. People should have the right to choose their sexuality, just like they have the right to choose their religion. No one should be forced to "change" to suit other people's religious beliefs. And we should respect the rights of those who Choose to Be Gay!

One of the organizers of the conference, and one of the founders of Beyond Ex-gay, Peterson Tuscano has posted some videos about his experiences with Love in Action in Memphis.

Here's a preview of one of the films being shown at the conference, "This Is What Love in Action Looks Like"

Obama Beats McCain, McCain Beats Hillary Clinton!

If you need more convincing that Obama is the best Democratic candidate to beat Republican John Mccain, read this Daily Kos Post: Why I'm Switching From Hillary to Obama The Graphs make it clear, Obama would beat McCain, but if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Nominee, McCain becomes the next President.

Based on current polls and results from 2004, it looks like McCain would beat Hillary Clinton with 245 electoral votes to her 199.
Howerver, Obama would beat McCain with 273 electoral votes to McCain's 207.

Hillary Clinton's campaign, however, is trying to stop Obama's growing momentum by accusing him of Plagiarism!, a ridiculous desperate ploy that Karl Rove would be proud of (and probably use against Obama in the general election!).

The Clintonites continue to use right-wing racist talking points against Obama. They try to demean Obama as a "messiah" cult personality who is all words and no substance (like MLK?). They accuse Obama of "copying" Hillary Clintons' economic plan when she is "copying" John Edwards health care plan and trying to sound more like John Edwards everyday. They accuse Obama supporters of using right-wing talking points against Hillary Clinton and helping the GOP to defeat her, while they are doing the same thing to Obama! The more the Clintonites try to tear down Obama as lacking the "experience" to be President, the more they aid the Republicans. Of course, in the anti-Obama Feminist realm, it's OK to attack and demean a black man, but not a woman!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Racist Anti-Gay Black Preachers Attacking Rep. Steve Cohen

Once again, racist/anti-gay black preachers are attacking Rep. Steve Cohen (TN-09). An anti-Semitic flyer proclaiming Steve Cohen and the Jews Hate Jesus is being circulated in the African America churches, apparently by Rev. George Brooks of Murfreesboro, TN. Cohen's challenger in the Aug. 5 Democratic primary, Nikki Tinker, denies any knowledge or part in the flyer. The Anti-Defamation League condemned the flier for attempting to incite racial tensions between African-Americans and Jews.

Last August Cohen was attacked by the Black Baptist Ministerial Association for supporting the Hate Crimes bill because it would include sexual orientation and cover gays and lesbians. One minister, Robert Poindexter of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church proclaimed, "He's not black and he can't represent me."

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why Obama is Surging and Hillary Clinton is Desperate

Some racist anti-Obama Feminist-Clintonites see every attack on Hillary as a sexist plot against women and demean everything about the black male candidate, who they do not even acknowledge winning any primary or being ahead in polls and delegate counts. In their Clinton fairyland, Hillary has been a great champion of women, children and the poor (despite selling out women and the poor by supporting conservative "welfare reform" in the 1990s), and has more "experience" than the black man (despite a pretty unaccomplished 2 terms in the U.S. Senate), and will be a stronger candidate against the right-wing smear machine (even though the right-wing has had no problem taking her on and pushing her around for 30 years).

Here are a few examples of the hypocrisy of the TN Guerilla Women: They accuse Obama of plagiarizing Clinton's economic plan, even though it was Hillary Clinton who copied John Edwards healthcare plan, and both candidates have been "copying" John Edwards' populist message, and Obama's economic plan is more progressive than Hillary, who still supports NAFTA and "free trade" which has hurt American labor! They hail HRC's commitment to "universal health care", even though she caved into the insurance companies and her conservative critiques when she was charged with pushing Bill Clinton's healthcare paln. The one "accoplishment" HIllary Clinton had on healthcare, her "number one" issue as a total failure!

They accuse Obama of being all talk and no substance (like MLK?), and claim he lacks the "experience" of Hillary Clinton. Can they name any progressive legislation Hillary Clinton has helped pass in her two terms in the U.S. Senate? What foreign policy experience does Hillary Clinton have other than traveling to countries as First Lady? None. They twist every comment Obama makes about Hillary Clinton into some "sexist" attack on women, while ignoring their own racist demeaning of another "charismatic" black man. They accuse Obama of being too "bipartisan" and willing to compromise with Republicans, and ignore the whole Clinton "triangulation" strategy, promoted by Hillary Clinton and her ex-pal Dick Morris, to "steal" Republican issues (i.e., "welfare reform," ending "big government", etc.). They ignore the continuing strategy of Hillary Clinton, starting with the support of the Iraq War, to run to the RIGHT in the general election and "triangulate" her way back into the White House.

I could go on and on, but you see why I no longer bother with that racist, sexist blog!

In the world of political reality, as feminist Barbara Enhrenriech explains,Obama is Unstoppable because he is the more progressive, popular candidate who can create real change in American politics, while Hillary Clinton is part of a dying political machine that cannot embrace change or hope.

Obama Gets More Labor Endorsements

See also How Far Will the Clintons Go?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Another School Shooting: Why?

The Northern Illinois University Shooting should put gun control back into the U.S. political discussion, but both parties ignore the problem of guns and pander to the gun nuts, the NRA, and the gun lobby.

Steve Kazmierczak, the shooter who killed at least 6 people at North Illinois University, used the same website as the Virginia Tech shooter, Seung-Hui who purchased a gun to kill 32 people at that school.

Gun violence and mass kills are almost daily news:

Virginia Tech, the Omaha mall shooting, Colorado church shooting, the Missouri City Hall shooting, as well as the three other school shootings — in the last week — in Louisiana, Tennessee, and California

Also, this week: In an apparent hate crime, a Gay Teen Shot in the Head, Declared Brain Dead. Lawrence King, a 15 year old transgender boy, was shot by 14 year-old Brandon McInerney. Where did a 14 year old get a handgun?

Why is it so easy for people, even people with mental problems, to buy handguns and assault weapons in the U.S.? Why won't our political leaders, especially the so-called "progressive" ones, stand up to the NRA and gun lobby?


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Obama Wins Potomac Tri-State Prmaries

Obama has won Virginia, Maryland and D.C. Primaries
Building on his 13 wins on Super Tuesday, and Four over the weekend, Obama has won the "Potomac primaries" in VA, MD and D.C. That's eight in a row for Obama. According to CNN, Obama now leads Clinton in delegates. Clinton's deputy campaign manager has resigned, and more "shakeups" are expected.

Obama beat Clinton 2 to 1 in VA and Maryland (64% in VA, 60% in MD) and has cut into Clinton's base: latinos, those making less than $50,000 and older voters, as well as Independents.

Obama gave one of his best speeches in Wisconsin, showing how he will take on John McCain by linking him to the Bush/McCain Iraq War and other failed Bush/McCain policies. After seeing McCain's robotic speech, I can see Obama beating him in the general election.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton Spin on Gay Rights

In an Interview with the Washington Blade Hillary Clinton claims she is more supportive of gay rights than Barack Obama. She reiterates her claims in the HRC/LOGO debate that the Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) military policy Bill Clinton signed into law was a "transitional" step, and that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which she still supports in part, stopped the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Gay activist, and former Clinton fundraiser and ally, David Mixner refutes her claims:

Keeping Our History Straight:

"I understand any candidate’s desire to spin the past to cover up mistakes, but our community cannot create a better future by forgetting its past.

First, Clinton’s claim that DOMA was passed so it could help defeat the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) eight years later is absolutely false. As we all know, the FMA wasn’t really a threat until 2002, and the two pieces of legislation had distinctly separate origins. While having DOMA on the books might have been a factor in the FMA’s defeat, it was passed for political reasons in an election year. In fact, after proclaiming to the community how painful it was for him to sign it, President Clinton’s reelection campaign had ads up in the South touting the legislation within two weeks!

Just think about this for a moment – Clinton essentially said that it was good to pass and sign an oppressive and discriminatory law in order to avoid something worse eight years later. I simply cannot accept this version of history or policymaking strategy.

Then, while spinning its genesis, Clinton failed to advocate the overturning of DOMA, as both Edwards and Obama did earlier in the program. She stated that she supports only a partial repeal of the law, a glaring difference which the panel should have honed in on. Additionally, I think the panel could have questioned her position on published reports that her husband advised John Kerry and other candidates to support state and federal amendments banning marriage in 2004.

I have written before about Clinton’s spinning of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as a beneficial “transitional step” towards full integration of gays and lesbians in the military. But I hardly think that the 11,000 men and women who have had their military careers ended and their personal lives damaged since 1993 view Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as sympathetically. As I recall, the policy was never discussed as a transitional step. It was hastily produced and passed, by a Democratic President and Congress, to extract the new administration from of a political mess of its own making.

Let’s also remember what this destructive policy requires of LGBT service members today, 14 years later. They must lie about their personal lives to their co-workers and friends and cannot even mention a partner or lover back home. They must hide pictures of shared intimate moments that every couple, straight or gay, cherish so much. They can’t take leave to care for an ill partner. Most troubling, they must live in constant fear of being exposed. And if they slip up and disclose any of these things, they risk expulsion and a dishonorable discharge that may affect their future employment as a private citizen.

This was simply a dreadful policy from the very beginning, and I personally feel that any claim otherwise is just as hurtful as the policy itself.

I appreciate all of the Democratic candidates’ increasingly progressive perceptions of and positions on LGBT equality, including Hillary Clinton. But our LGBT history – how we got to the place where we now stand – is sacred. As a community we cannot forget our past struggles, no matter how easy it might be to do so, because they will guide us through the adversity we face today and in the future."

David Mixner helped get Clinton to promise to sign an executive order to lift the ban on gays in the military and helped raise money from the LGBT community for the Clinton campaign. After Clinton broke his promise and signed the DADT and the DOMA, Mixner was arrested in a protest when he chained himself to the White House gate. He joined former LGBT John Edwards supporters to endorse Barack Obama.

Barack Obama supports a full repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, and has been including gays and lesbians in many of his speeches including his MLK speech at Ebenezer Baptist Church in which he condemned homophobia in the black community.

While Hillary Clinton seems to be the favored candidate among gays and lesbians, I think LGBT people should look more carefully at the history of Bill and Hillary Clinton on gay rights. They threw us under the bus for their own political gain, just as they did workers with NAFTA and poor women with "welfare reform."

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama Sweeping Ahead of Clinton

Obama Sweeps 3 States (Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington) and the Virgin Islands Saturday, winning 59 more delegate votes to HRC's 29. He is now in a virtual tie with Hillary Clinton in delegate votes. According to AP estimates, Clinton has 1,084 delegates to 1,057 for Obama. (A total of 2,025 is required to win the Democratic nomination.)

UPDATE: Obama wins Maine Caucus! In a surprise win, Obama beats Hillary Clinton in Maine by about 59% to 41%.

It looks like Obama will widen his lead over Hillary Clinton Tuesday where Polls Show Obama Leading Clinton in Maryland and Virginia:

Two new Rasmussen Reports surveys show Sen. Barack Obama on his way to big victories in the Potomac primaries on Tuesday.
Maryland: Obama 57%, Clinton 31%
Virginia: Obama 55%, Clinton 37

Clinton's Advisors in "State of Panic"

Friday, February 08, 2008

Obama Has Clear Lead Over McCain (Clinton Ties)

Two polls this month show that Barack Obama has a Clear Lead over John McCain

According to a CNN Poll, Obama leads McCain by 8 points (52% to 44%). Hillary Clinton only leads by 3 points (50% to 47%) but that's within the margin or error, so they are statistically tied.

In the TIME Poll, Obama leads McCain by 7 points (48% to 41%), while Hillary Clinton and McCain are tied with 46% each.

Clinton has the highest negatives, 44% say they don't like her compared to 36% who don't like McCain and 31% who don't like Obama.

The big difference is among men. Men give McCain an 18 point lead over Clinton (57% to 39%). Against Obama, however, McCain's lead among men shrinks to 3 points (49% 5o 46%). Clinton does not draw well among men, Obama does.

Right-Wing Groups Ready for Hillary

The right-wing attack machine is gearing up to take on Hillary Clinton.
David Bossie, who was one of the relentless investigators of Clinton in the 1990s, and his right-wing PAC Citizens United are selling Hillary: The Movie which has been screened by conservative groups around the country and is being distributed on DVD. Citizens United is also working on TV attack ads. If Hillary is the Democratic nominee, it's not going to be pretty.
This will make the anti-Kerry "Swift Boat" Ads look tame.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mitt's Out, Now its time for Clinton to go!

Mitt Romney is out of the GOP race, leaving John McCain as the GOP candidate for President. That's bad news for Hillary Clinton.
Poll Shows Clinton is more Beatable than Obama According to the TIME Poll, Obama beats McCain 48-41%, while Hillary and McCain are tied at 46%

Conservatives, especially right-wing talk radio, are not happy with John McCain, but some, including Rush Limbaugh want to help Hillary Clinton win the Democratic nomination to unite the GOP to defeat her.

So it's one down, One More to Go Hillary Clinton should drop out to save the Democratic Party from her certain defeat in the general election.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Eight Years of the Clintons....

The Obama campaign is taking on the myth that Bill Clinton and the 1990s were great for Democrats

Obama Leads in Delegates on Super Tuesday, Wins 13 States

Barack Obama Wins More Delgates than Hillary Clinton Super Tuesday!
Obama won 13 states, Hillary Clinton won 8. Though HRC won a couple of larger states, they are virtually tied in delgates, with Obama slightly ahead. The Obama camp projects topping Clinton by nine delgates, 845 to 836. NBC News projected that Obama won around 840 delegates while Clinton won around 830.

While Clinton won Tennessee, Obama won Shelby County!
Tennessee: Hillary Clinton 53.87% (335.374) Obama 40.39% (251,842)
Shelby County: Clinton 27,914, Obama 68,516

In the closest thing to a national primary we've ever seen, Barack Obama overcame double-digit leads by Senator Clinton in 8 of the largest 10 states to win a majority of states, defeating Senator Clinton 13-8 – with New Mexico still undeclared.

Obama also won Red States by a margin of more than two-to-one and leads Senator Clinton by nearly 50 delegates going into California.

Obama won his home state by 67 delegates (110-43; 153 total). Clinton won her home state by 52 delegates (142-90; 232 total). Among home states, Obama won a net delegate margin of 15.  That's a good number – but even more impressive when you consider that New York had 79 more delegates up for grabs than Illinois.

Barack Obama performed especially well in those states he visited in recent weeks, including Minnesota, Utah, Idaho, Delaware, and Connecticut. He also won his home state by 67 delegates, 15 more than Senator Clinton won her home state of New York by. This is further proof that the more voters get to know Barack Obama and hear his message, the more they support him. And this bodes well for the contests coming in the next few weeks, where Obama will have more time to campaign aggressively in individual states.

Of the seven caucus states that were decided tonight, Obama won six (New Mexico is still undeclared). Caucuses test the enthusiasm of supporters in a way that primaries do not. And Obama's near-sweep of these contests shows why he's the candidate who's generating the most excitement in this race and bringing new people into politics for the first time.

Barack Obama won the support of Americans of every race and gender in every region of the country. From Hillary Clinton's backyard in Connecticut to Georgia, where Obama won nearly 40% of the white vote and eliminated the gender gap by winning 64% of the women's vote, Obama demonstrated that he's the one candidate who can transform the electoral map. That's why he is the Democrat who's most likely to win in November.

Looks like Hillary is running out of money
Clinton Loans Campaign $5 million, Staff Working for Free

Meanwhile, Obama is set to raise $5 million since Super Tuesday and another $30 million in Feb.!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Last Minute Pitch for Obama on Super Tuesday!

Rep. Steve Cohen Endorses Barack Obama
I went into the Obama HQ here in Memphis to try to get some Obama buttons (they are out!) and walked in on Steve Cohen's press conference announcing his endorsement of Barack Obama.

Joan Baez Endorses Obama The first time the folk singer/legend has endorsed a political candidate!

Obama Offers Presidential Leadership Among the Ruins, Gary Hart

How Obama Could Create a Long-Term Democratic Majority, Paul Roget Loeb

Can the Democrats Blow it Again?, Jerry Lanson

Hillary's Looming Electability Crisis, John Pearce & Kathy Kramer

JFK's Torch for Obama, James Carroll

An Endorsement of the Movement Barack Obama Leads, Tom Hayden

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Vote Barack Obama Tuesday!

It's Time! Vote Tuesday for Barack Obama!
We need a new leader to lead us in a NEW direction!

Obama ERASES Hillary Clinton's Lead in Polls

Obama has Erased Hillary Clinton's Lead in National Poll
Barack Obama has surged to a statistical tie with Hillary Rodham Clinton in a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, erasing a double-digit national lead she held just two weeks ago and turning the Democratic nomination race into a nail-biter.
The pair stood at Clinton 45%, Obama 44% in a snapshot of voter intent just two days before 22 states hold primaries and caucuses on Super Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton Lies About Iraq (Again)

Hillary Clinton Lies AGAIN About Iraq

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Love That Dare Not Speak in TN

Don't Say Gay
A proposed state law in TN, sponsored by Rep. Stacy Campfield of Knoxville, would ban any discussion of homosexuality in elementary and middle schools in the state. Guess the kids in our schools cannot learn about Playwright Tennessee Williams, Poet Lord Byron or Leonardo da Vinci, or Oscar Wilde, or any of the many other famous homos who helped create and shape western civilization. (But I'm sure he wants to indoctrinate kids about compulsory heterosexuality.)

Obama More Lilberal Than Hillary-- More Endorsements

According to the National Journal, Barack Obama was the most liberal senator in 2007, Sen. Hillary Clinton ranked 16th. Obama has been endorsed by anti-war progressive group, whose members choose Obama over Clint√łn 70-30%. Obama also won the support of the CA SEIU, which had endorsed Edwards. I think Obama is going to get the majority of Edward supporters based on the callers on progressive talk radio and what I'm hearing from other Edwards supporters, including the Edwards LGBT list.

Also, the L.A. Times Endorses Obama

And Right-Wing Fascist Ann Coulter Endorses Hillary Clinton over John McCain. She tells Hannity and Colmes that HRC is more conservative than John McCain! Well I don't usually agree with Coulter but..