Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Democracy Wins! We Need A FDR Plan!

Despite all the efforts of the ruling class (political/corporate rich) of the United States, the PEOPLE'S House rejected the corporate bailout Monday.

Yes, It was deep shock to the system, both in politics and economics, but, according to Willliam Greider, what an invigorating moment for democracy."

Think David vs. Goliath. On one side there was Wall Street, the corporate ruling class, The White House, Democratic and Republican Party "Leaders," on the other side was the groundswell of grassroots outrage at the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street and financial institutions that created the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Yes, the stock market plunged nearly 800 points, and investors lost $1 trillion. That's Capitalism! On this the RIGHT and the LEFT seem to agree--let "the market" do its thing. Let the American people see the consequences of deregulation and "free market" capitalism. Watch the "anti-government" capitalists crawl on bended knees begging the government, WE THE PEOPLE, to give them a handout.

Now is the time for Progressive Democrats to offer the only alternative-- a FDR program to redistribute wealth from the corporate rich to the working class!


Dibgy is right--it is time for a PROGRESSIVE Shock Doctrine! It's time for Congressional Democrats to start thinking like Democrats again and go on the offensive!

Now is the time for the Democratic Party to show some political backbone and leadership. Forget the Republicans who still cling to the "free market," it's time for the Democratic Party reclaim its legacy, the legacy of FDR and side with the working class.

(Maybe we could also stop giving $600 billion to the Military-Industrial Complex! We have the money for the Bailout--We're Spending it on War!)

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