Monday, September 22, 2008

McCain Chief of Staff Outed: Wins Roy Cohn Award!

John McCain's Chief of Staff, Mark Buse, has been Outed by Michael Signorile and given the Roy Cohn Award by Mike Rogers on BlogActive for his support of the most anti-gay candidate for President of the United States.

Signorile has a lot of information on Buse, one of the 60 or more lobbyists in the McCain Campaign, including testimony from his ex-boyfriend, and apparently Buse has some comrades over at the Uncle Tom Log Cabin Republicans, who have endorsed John McCain despite his anti-gay record and positions simply because he voted against the FMA (never mind he supports the Arizona and California anti-gay marrriage amendments!).
Guess the Uncle Tom Republicans think that if John McCain is elected they will have a foot in the door of the White House.

Log Cabinettes Stand By Their Man

I agree with Wayne Besen:
The Log Cabin Republicans Should Disband!

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