Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Joseph LIEberman is a LIAR!

Joseph LIEberman LIED to the Republican National Convention Tuesday night!

First, he said he was a "Democrat," but he is NOT. He left the Democratic Party when he lost the primary in CT and formed his own Idependent party!

Second, he LIED when he claimed Barack Obama never worked across party lines. Obama worked with many Republicans, including Richard Lugar on stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and ethics reform!

Third he LIED when he accused Obama of cutting off funding for the troops. Obama tried to end the war funding to bring the troops home, but has pushed for MORE funding to help the troops, and supported the new GI bill which John McCain opposed!

He also LIED when he said he was NOT going to attack Obama at the RNC and only praise John McCain.


I can't wait until the Democrats can kick his stinky butt out of the Democratic caucus and strip him of any chair positions he has in the U.S. Senate!

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