Monday, September 22, 2008

Becky Ruppe Continues To Attack Gays to Win TN Senate Race

Roane State Community College drop-out Becky Ruppe, "Democratic" candidate for the Tennessee Senate, continues to attack the rights of gays and lesbians to show that she is more conservative than her Republican opponent:

In State Senate Race, Both Sides Tout Conservatism

"I am a pro-life, pro-gun, oppose-gay-marriage Democrat," says Ruppe, 45, who now serves as Morgan County executive.

On the matter of gay marriage, Ruppe says she has gotten some grief from members of her own party for her stance. She cites a West Tennessee gay activist blogger who urged Democrats to vote Republican rather than back a Democrat disloyal to party principles.

Well, I think Becky Ruppe is a disgrace, but I hope progressive Democrats can find someone else to vote for other than her or her Republican opponent. Maybe there is a third-party candidate, or someone they can write-in.

The Tennessee Democratic Party will remain in the dark ages as long as Democratic voters keep voting for right-wing candidates like Ruppe. As for the argument that we have to vote for conservative Democrats to help the Tennessee Democratic party control the state government, why should we care if anti-gay, right-wing Democrats bash gays for political gain rather than right-wing Republicans?

I don't care which is elected, there is no difference! We need more progressive candidates.

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Scott Co. Liberal said...

Hi Jim,

I'm the administrator of Scott County Liberals & Friends in Scott County, Tennessee. We've recently taken on Becky Ruppe for her anti-gay-rights agenda, and thought you might be interested to know that she is using you again in her quest to appeal to conservatives.

In a recent campaign circular distributed in local newspapers, she quoted you and a couple of your readers as evidence that she is rural & Christian enough to serve our district.

Nowhere in her campaign literature will you find the word "Democrat." Voters like me in the 12th District are left wondering, why should a Democrat vote for Becky Ruppe?

Please see our latest blog post at for more.