Sunday, August 24, 2008

Will McCain Pick Hillary Clinton?

The McCain Campaign has released another ad responding to Obama's VP pick Joe Biden, this time using Hillary Clinton's despicable attacks against Barack Obama and claiming she was "snubbed" for "telling the truth." Actually she was not a serious consideration because of these negative attacks on Obama, and for endorsing McCain for "Commander-in-Chief" over her Democratic primary opponent Barack Obama. Is Obama supposed to reward her for her nasty campaign against him that may end up costing him the presidendency.

Maybe McCain has joined the Clintonista Resistance !

If he doesn't pick Joe Lieberman, maybe McCain will pick his other political partner, Hillary Clinton!

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elaine said...

Can Hillary run as an Independent, or is it too late for her to throw her hat into the ring? I would not be surprised if that were her next move. Maybe Lieberman could run as her VP; they would make quite a pair.