Sunday, August 03, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

John McCain's negative Attack Ads have Paid Off!
Obama's 9 point lead in the Gallup Poll prior to July 26 has been erased. Obama and McCain are now tied at 44% in the Gallup Poll.

Obama is starting to look more and more like John Kerry. Kerry did not attack Bush aggressively and failed to respond swiftly to the "Swift Boat" attack ads. Obama is quickly running out of time to turn this around and win in November. It is looking more and more like John McCain will be the next President, because the Democratic Party just doesn't seem to know how to fight a national campaign anymore.

John Kerry was on Meet the Press Sunday with the despicable Joe LIEberman. Kerry did a fair job of responding to the Bush/McCain/Lieberman lies about the success of "The Surge," but he was too nice to the wessel sitting next to him. Lieberman basically confirmed that he will speak at the Republican convention to praise John McCain.

Why do the Democrats tolerate Joe Lieberman? He is a rat. He should be kicked out of the Democratic Senate caucus NOW!
He has been no help to the Democratic Party, and is causing great harm.

I predict the Democrats will win more seats in Congress and the Senate, they will no longer need LIEberman to keep the Senate. They will have Congress, but the Republicans will win the White House.

It looks like Obama Hating Clintonistas will get their wish--President John McCain! That should really be a boost to women's rights.

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