Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama Picks Biden

Obama has picked Joe Biden

A good choice, but a mixed bag.

Biden is not as progressive as I would like, but he's better than most of the other candidates being considered.
Thank goodness he didn't pick Bayh, Kaine or Hillary Clinton!
Of course, the Clintonista Resistance is not happy their princess was "SNUBBED"!
It's up to them now to support the liberal, pro-choice, Democratic candidate or the anti-choice, anti-gay, right-wing Republican candidate.
Unfortunately, the Clintonistas are so bitter they may help elect John McCain!
They think Obama cannot win without Clinton, but I can't wait for them to be proven wrong!

Biden Has a good record on LGBT issues.
Stonewall Democrats: The Biden Record on LGLBT Issues

He also has a good record on women's issues, and has sponsored or supported several important bills to help women, including the Equal Rights Amendment! (Why do the Clintonista Guerilla Women call him a sexist?)

Biden has a strong background in foreign affairs and can take on McCain and his VP (Romney).

Unfortunaely, Biden was a strong supporter of the illegal Iraq War (but later repented), and he has been a lap dog for the credit card industry and supported the horrible anti-consumer bankruptcy bill.

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elaine said...

I understand why Obama has to take the high road and be polite and diplomatic even when the GOPs are slinging around outright lies, but I am thrilled that he has chosen a running mate who will be more forceful in standing up to them. Biden has already made a swipe at McCain for having so many homes. Give them hell, Joe!!!