Wednesday, August 20, 2008

McCain Gaining on Obama

Recent polls are not looking good for Barack Obama.

According to a new Reuters/Zogby Poll, McCain Takes 5-Point Lead Over Obama

This poll may be an outlier, most other polls still show Obama leading McCain, but only by a few points.

John McCain's attacks on Obama, and the negative ads and anti-Obama campaigns, are taking a heavy toll.
It is time for Obama to FIGHT BACK!
Enough of the polite, nice guy stuff. Politics has become a fighting match. You must ATTACK your opponent!
Obama must STOP prefacing every remark by praising John McCain. The Obama campaign must do a better job of defining John McCain as another career politician who will do or say anything to win. He is changing his positions. He does NOT have more experience or better judgment on foreign affairs, and is nothing more than Bush II on domestic issues.
Obama started punching back after returning from his vacation. But it is critical to take this fight to John McCain.
Don't be another Dukkakis or John Kerry Barack! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

Another problem for Obama are the Clintonista Resistance who still want Hillary Clinton to be the nominee and refuse to support Obama. Like the Clinton campaign, these Clintonistas agree with most of the right-wing attacks on Obama-- they started them! The reason Obama is struggling to stay ahead in the polls is because he has been getting attacked by the Clinton Campaign (remember Hillary Clinton basically argued that Obama was unqualified to be Commander-in-Chief and praised John McCain for being more qualified!), the Republicans, John McCain and the right-wing anti-Obama forces. The Clintonistas continue to side with John McCain and the GOP against Obama! If Obama loses, it will be because of the bitter Clintonistas who prefer the anti-choice, anti-gay, conservative Republican over the black, male, feminist, liberal Democrat!

(I wish the racist Obama-hating Clintonistas who accuse Obama of sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton would give ONE example of Barack Obama ever making a sexist attack on Clinton! He never did!)

Obama is about to make an important decision that may decide this election in the next few days--picking a V.P running mate. The VP rumours are not encouraging!
Evan Bayh? A conservative war hawk who supported the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq?
Tim Kaine? Another conservative, PRO-LIFE, Democrat? You can kiss the Hillary women good-bye for sure!
That leaves Joe Biden or Bill Richardson, two moderate/liberal Democrats who are pro-choice and support gay rights.
I'd prefer Al Gore, or even Hillary Clinton over any of them, but if Obama picks Bayh or Kaine he can kiss the election goodbye.
He would loose the progressive base of the Democratic Party.
Obama can turn this around and get back on track by (a) picking a liberal candidate like Biden or Richardson and (b) attacking John McCain on foreign policy as well as domestic issues, like energy, women's rights, etc.

Obama, we're waiting for you to CHANGE now!

NBC/WSJ Poll: McCain Halves Obama's Lead (Obama 45% McCain 42%)

CNN Poll of Polls: Obama's Lead Evaporates (Obama 45%, McCain 44%) Obama Still Ahead in Electoral College (State Polls) (260 Obama, 191 McCain, 270 needed to win)

Note to Clintonistas: Nearly half (49%) of voters still stay they do NOT want Hillary Clinton to be President!

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