Friday, August 01, 2008

McCain Campaign Sinks Lower/Advice for Obama

New McCain Ads mock Obama, comparing him to Britany Spears, Paris Hilton, and Now Moses!

John McCain's campaign continues to follow the Hillary Clinton Campaign's playbook to mock Obama as "The One", a lite, inexperienced, uppidty black man. By accusing Obama of playing the "race card" (just as Hillary Clinton did!), McCain has successfully destracted the media and the public from real, serious issues like:

Jobless Rate Jumps to 4 Year High 5.7 Percent!

While McCain has been attacking Obama with negative ads, he has cut Obama's lead in national polls. Negative/Attack Ads Work! Democrats need to learn how to do them! You would think after the last few presidential elections, the Democrats would learn that they have to attack their Republican opponents!

Obama Must ATTACK John McCain, not with mud, but with the FACTS about McCain's flip-flopping record on the issues!

Apparently, Obama is not getting his money's worth from the highly paid "political consultants" and strategists, so here is some FREE campaign strategy and advice to the Obama campaign:

1. Quit praising John McCain! He's a Scumbag! You can't say that, but you can show his many recent gaffes and flip-flops in an effective ad, like the many videos on You Tube made by amateurs which are better than any of the expensive ads you have put out so far!

2. Define John McCain! Don't let them define you! Don't just react to the negative GOP attacks, go after John McCain!

3. Tell the truth about Iraq! The "surge" FAILED! McCain has gotten away with claiming the surge was a great success! Why haven't you made McCain's support of the Iraq invasion and occupation a central campaign issue? Don't let McCain and the GOP change the subject from the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq to "the surge"!

4. Don't compromise your progressive primary campaign positions by moving to the political "center" (right)! Wage a progressive campaign not a reactionary campaign! Stand up for social equality, social justice, the environment, and ending the U.S. occupation of Iraq! Don't embrace Republican issues and positions just to "win" the general election.

5. DON'T pick a boring conservative white male V.P. running mate (like Evan Bayh, Tim Kaine or Sam Nunn!)! Excite voters with a bold choice, like Al Gore, Wes Clark or Hillary Clinton.

6. Learn from the mistakes of Mondale, Dukakis and Kerry! You can't just Play nice! You must be tough and stay on the offensive. Don't be afraid to ATTACK your opponent.

Well, the road to Democratic self-defeat has already begun. First it was caving in on FISA, now this:
Obams Shifts, May Support Offshore Drilling

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