Saturday, August 09, 2008

The John Edwards Affair/What About John McCain's Affairs?

Huffington Post lays it all out: The Anatomy of the Edwards Affair

I wanted to avoid talking about his, but as a former Edwards supporter all I can say is what a relief he wasn't the Democratic presidential nominee! (Guess he won't be V.P either.) What is wrong with "intelligent" heterosexual politicians who sacrifice their political careers, and their own families, just for a moment of sexual satisfaction? Is it in men's nature? Normally I think the private lives of politicians should be off the table, but it does say something about a lack of judgment and the two faces of some politicians. And it seems suspicious that the object of Edwards affection, Rielle Hunter, would be paid $114,000 to make videos for the campaign even though she had no experience in video production.

Not only did John Edwards LIE about the affair while running for the Democratic presidential nomination, evidently he continues to lie about it:
John Edwards' False Assertion During the ABC Interview

I'm glad he didn't win the nomination! What a mess!

I guess we should respect Elizabeth Edwards Statement on the Affair and reject tabloid journalism publicizing a private family tragedy.

Of course the media have been salivating all over this story. When will they stop ignoring the multiple adulterous affairs of John McCain? We haven't heard much more about Vicki Iseman.

Media Salivate Over Edwards Affair; Shrug Shoulders Over McCain's Infidelity

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