Sunday, August 31, 2008

Are the American People This Stupid? (McCain thinks so!)

39% Yes, 33% No (Repbublicans 63% YES, Independents 41% to 31% YES)
Even 47% of Democrats think she is qualified or they are not sure yet!

That is not an ONION headline folks! Polls show that more people think Mrs. Palin is ready to be president than not! That includes Republicans as wells as independents!

I would never think the American people could be this stupid, but remember that last two presidential elections and the idiot that sits in the White House!

The media are gushing over what "Mavericks" John McCain and Sarah Palin are! John McCain demonstrated that he is NOT a "maverick" at all--he caved in to the right-wing religious and gun fanatics to energize the base of the Republican Party!
McCain Wanted Lieberman, Caved in to Conservative Base!

That's not being a "maverick"--that's PANDERING! He put politics ahead of the well-being and security of the United States!

Palin Electrifies Conservative Base

The Democrats and Obama/Biden should have laughed and made the case that this former mayor of a small city with a B.A. in journalism who hasn't served 2 years as Alaska's governor shows that John McCain has lost it. He has already demonstrated how inept he would be as President! Instead they are praising her as a "historic" choice? How? She is NOT the first female V.P.! Even Geraldine Ferraro had more experience than Palin!

I had to go to the Marshall Co. (Holly Springs) Mississippi courthouse Friday for my work, and here's an interesting look into the minds of some of our fellow Americans.. One old white guy was not happy that McCain picked "a woman," and called Obama a "dummy", and refused to believe than Obama writes his own speeches! We had a heated discussion to say the least, with me taking on a whole room full of red neck, right-wing Republicans who I got to admit that George Bush has been a disaster and we were better off under Bill Clinton...
But now the white male conservatives in the South have to choose between an inexperienced Woman for the V.P. or voting for an uppidty negro for President! (I predict they will go with the woman V.P.)
Several women where I work seem to love Palin, some of them were Hillary supporters, some are conservative Republicans.

I hope that most women, especially Hillary Clinton supporters, will not fall for this cynical right-wing political ploy, but many will, especially the remaining Hillary PUMAs (Party Unity My Ass) dingbats.

The rest of the world may be laughing at us again in November!
(I'm going to start packing...If I can't get into Canada I may try to swim to Cuba!)


William Greider seems more optimistic than I am:
John McCain's Hail Mary Pass

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