Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama Delivers Knock-Out

After a weak start to the Democratic Convention, Barack Obama picked up where Bill Clinton left off and delivered one of the greatest political speeches I've ever heard before 84,000 people in Denver! This is what we've been waiting for--A Democrat who will stand up and FIGHT for us!

We haven't had a Democratic presidential nominee who took it to his Republican opponent like this in a while (since Bill Clinton!), but I think we have a winner in Obama!

I wasn't too impressed with the DNC the first few days, but I think it ended with a BANG (literally) in Denver and I think McCain and the GOP are starting to shake in their boots again...

Obama is not a radical socialist like me, but he will bring much needed change to this country and get it back in the right direction, but we should learn from Bill Clinton's election that the election is only the beginning. WE THE PEOPLE must get politically active, engaged and organized. We will have to work hard to elect him and even harder to keep him going in the right direction. Our history teaches us that political leaders follow the people and THE PEOPLE have to start leading!

So I just want to follow up my prior posts which were downers, with this one to say, Barack Obama has given me HOPE tonight!

Let's get Obama elected and then get on with the really hard work..

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