Friday, March 21, 2008

Response to Hillary's Guerilla Women

I have to respond to the constant barrage of Obama Hatred  over on TN Guerilla Women
I used to like that website because of it's progressive/feminist/lgbt insights, but it has turned into nothing more than a Hate Obama/Hillary Fan site.   First, the TGW have been playing right along with the FOX NEWS/GOP race-baiting tactics aimed at "bloodying" (Rush Limbaugh) the Democratic front-runner Barack Obama.  They defended Geraldine Ferraro's racist rants, but accuse Obama of engaging in racist politics.  They copy the FOX NEWS/GOP talking points about Obama being "unelectable" because of his racial background, his middle name, the picture of him in a turban and now because of his former pastor Jeremiah Wright (who committed the "sin" of calling the U.S. a racist country, controlled by rich white people,  that has committed acts of terrorism!).  I don't defend all Wright's comments, and like many preachers he often goes "over the top" to make his points, but his points were RIGHT!  So why is it that "feminist" women would ignore (and sometime condone) racist attacks against Obama, ignore the REAL racism at the root of the right-wing/FOX NEWS attacks on Obama!  Why are these anti-Obama feminists crying "sexism" over every attack on Hillary Clinton while condoning and reproducing right-wing racist attacks on Obama, and even using that racism as an argument that Obama would not be able to win the general election!  EGALIA, YOU ARE A RACIST HYPOCRITE!   

(NOTE: TGW are now harping on polls showing that more Clinton supporters say they will not vote for Obama than Obama supporters who will not vote for Clinton if she gets the nomination.  Now, not too long ago Egalia at TGW was ATTACKING Obama supporters who would not vote for Clintons for their lack of "party unity" and for being sexists, etc...That is just one example of the  HYPOCRISY you will find on TGW!)

The Clinton campaign has ran a mean, dirty, RACIST, campaign against Obama.  Hillary has used right-wing scare tactics (fear of terrorism,etc.), racism, etc. against Obama.  While Obama has been focusing on attacking John McCain, Hillary Clinton has been PRAISING the Republican nominee and says he is more qualified to be President than the Democratic front-runner!  Why should Democrats support a candidate who says the Republican candidate is better than her Democratic opponent???

Egalia, don't hold your breath waiting for John Edwards to endorse Hillary.   IF he endorses, he will probably follow Bill Richardson who will be endorsing Obama in a few minutes.  Hillary Clinton has already LOST the nomination.  She can only "win" it by violating the DNC rules SHE agreed to, and VIOLATED in MI and FL, and try to scare enough superdelegates with her racist campaign into going against the will of the voters and pledged delegates and anoint her the nominee.  IF that happens, it will be civil war in the Democratic Party!


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A Fellow Blogger said...

I used to like TN guerilla women, and recently checked back and saw what it's devolved to. Some stuff there was just so racist I couldn't stand it. I took them off my blogroll. You should too!