Friday, March 14, 2008

Media Attacks Obama/Gives McCain Free Ride

The Anti-Obama "Fox News" Virus has been spreading all over the mainstream media, as this new video from Bravenews films shows.

(Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between Fox News and the Tennessee Guerilla Women)

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While trying to link Obama to controversial statements by his former paster Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan, the media has given John McCain a free ride on his endorsements from anti-muslim, anti-Catholic, anti-gay preachers John Hagee (who calls catholicism the "Great Whore" and claims that hurricane Katrina was God's judgment against homosexuality), and Roy Parsley who wants to eliminate Islam from the face of the earth, calls upon "Patriot Pastors" to wage war against gays, abortion and liberal judges, and John McCain calls his "spiritual advisor".

(McCain is also courting the ultra-right Council for Natonal Policy founded by right-wing extremists like James Dobson, which was behind the Iran-Contra scandal during the Reagan Administration and is now pushing a war with Iran!

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Barack Obama:On My Faith and My Church

As for Jeremiah Wright, the former pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ, at first, hearing the clips of his "inflammatory" sermons circulating on the internet, I thought he was a racist bigot and a religious fanatic. But he actually says a lot of things I agree with and is well-respected for his inclusive sermons, including acceptance of gays, and progressive politics, which probably influenced Barack Obama. I'm not sure Wright is a racist bigot. He is right about racism, rich white people do control this country, and yes the U.S. has been engaged in terrorism and killing innocent people for centuries. The United Church of Christ, the most progressive Christian denomination, is standing by Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ. I think Rev. Wright stepped over the church/state line by attacking Hillary Clinton and endorsing Barack Obama. I don't think ANY preacher or pastor or minister should engage in partisan politics (e.g., attacking one candidate or endorsing another) whether it be a fundamentalist church endorsing Republicans or a liberal church endorsing a Democrat.

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Victoria Marinelli said...

Okay, glad I'm not alone in ruing the fact that the women of TGW seem to have gone off the deep end. (Hopefully will be able to read them again without serious consequences for my blood pressure* after the primary season is over.)

Consider yourself blogrolled.

* And I don't even have a blood pressure problem.