Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton is a LIAR


Hillary Clinton wants to make Obama's former Pastor, Jeremiah Wright,  the number one campaign issue! Clinton: "Wright Would Not Have Been My Pastor"

(Never mind that Bill Clinton called upon Rev. Wright during his moral crisis.)

Am I the only person who finds something RACIST about the way the Clinton campaign is milking the Jeremiah Wright story to scare white voters away from Barack Obama?  

UPDATE:  It Looks Like Hillary is getting help from the "Vast Right-Wing Conspirator" (Richard Mellon Scaife) in the right-wing effort to destroy Barak Obama by keeping Rev. Jeremiah Wright in the media spotlight.  

Maybe Hillary should listen to HER former pastor: Don't Use Wright to Polarize!


Anonymous said...

Hillary has no business who she would have as her pastor when most of the women in this country wouldn't have Bill as a husband! Her views on who she would "hang" with really don't count considering her track record~!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ask first Why is Obma lying. He is avoiding the truth oabout his child hood religion. He says he was always a christian. NO,NO, NO, he started of as a muslim .. may not be his choosing. but he wasa muslim. His later identity was created for political gains. But his anti-American beliefs are ingrained.

Anonymous said...

Hillary wouldn't stay with Pastor Wright but she would stay with that scumbag Bill. Please, Hillary, your loyalties are skewed.

Anonymous said...

Faux Noise exposed! See what low-down snakes Slant Hannity and Bill Orally are. See the real sermons of Rev. Wright uncut, unparsed. Then decide!!!
GD America

Chickens coming home

Anonymous said...

It is plain for anyone who really wishes to see that Hillary is desperate. She is making comments without really thinking or rather "misspeaking". Yes you can choose your pastor but you can also choose your husband. Hillary chose to stay with Bill after what he did directly to her. Why then would she leave a pastor for remarks that he did not say directly to her. Hillary should just bow out gracefully instead of digging herself in deeper. You're loosing credibility.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is a scandalous hypocrite. She'd leave her church for comments made by a reverend; yet, she stays with her husband who has cheated on her with 8 women -- that we've heard of. These names will bring back memories to most:

Elizabeth Ward Gracen
Jaunita Broaddrick
Gennifer Flowers
Kathleen Willey
Monica Lewinsky
Paula Jones
Dolly Kyle Browning
Sally Perdue

Her husband was cheating on her even while at "home" in the White House while Hillary was there. But, hey, she wasn't going to let Billy's sins interfere with her personal ambitions of becoming president.

What a shameful and disgusting woman. If Hillary were my mother, I'd be very ashamed to be her daughter. How can anybody want her as president of our country. Do her supporters really believe that world leaders are going to take her seriously?

Doug said...

Actions speak better than words.

Mr Obama choose Mr. Wright as his spiritual teacher for 20 years and included Mr. Wright in his election staff, these are the actions of Mr. Obama. When shocking hate messages began to flow from the mouth of Mr. Wright on television, hyperbole spin was written for Mr. Obama distancing Mr. Obama from Mr. Wright. The weird thing is, some people actually believe the spin written by Mr. Obama’s election machine. But regardless what Mr. Obama says, he chose Mr. Wright as his spiritual teacher for 20 years and added Mr. Wright to his election staff.

If you make the choice to listen and learn from Hitler every week over 20 years, do you expect me or any other rational being to believe that you wouldn’t be or want to be influenced by Hitler’s ideas? And what does that say of your personal integrity if you chose American hating Mr. Wright, or Mr. Hitler as your guide in life?

And also consider recent announcement that the chief of the firm involved in the State Department’s passport breach is one of Obama’s adviser. And that Obama has been caught lying about Rezko, regarding the amount of money Rezko gave him, and that Obama still hasn’t come clean about his Rezko land deal. Or further, how Mrs. Obama makes a phenomenal $317.000 a month at a hospital in Chicago that is famous for turning away the poor, especially the black poor.

If Obama were to become president, what would stop Mr. Obama from appointing Mr. Wright to his cabinet? And after Mr. Wright’s appointment, if anyone complained they would be called racist. And it seems as if this strategy - that it is racist to criticize a black man - is already in effect as Mr. Obama can do anything corrupt with minimal impunity by the public or the press. But if Hillary so much as sneezes, she is taken through the laundry and hung out to dry and then beaten some more. Such bias treatment towards Mr. Obama because of his race is racial discrimination. And I believe another reason why Mrs. Clinton is unfairly criticized to such an extreme is because the men of this country can’t stand the idea of a woman for president. Think about it. It seems a lot of powerful men in the media will do anything to keep Hillary Clinton from being president; clearly a libido thing.

We should have as our country’s leader someone with wisdom and knowledge, whose goal is the selfless betterment of the world. We should not elect someone with a personal agenda of personal power or select them because of the fashionably of their race. And we should see past the scared libidos in the media trying so hard to keep a woman from succeeding.

JULES said...

I am surprise by the lack of class and integrity that Senator Clinton is demonstrating in the election. Her "kitchen sink" strategy is getting old and desperate, is she aware that if she keeps this up she will have a worse world image than Bush.

Anonymous said...

During the Clinton presidency, Bill and Hillary Clinton attended Foundry United Methodist Church. The senior minister at that church released the following comment on Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

"The Reverend Jeremiah Wright is an outstanding church leader whom I have heard speak a number of times. He has served for decades as a profound voice for justice and inclusion in our society.
He has been a vocal critic of the racism, sexism and homophobia which still tarnish the American dream. To evaluate his dynamic ministry on the basis of two or three sound bites does a grave injustice to Dr. Wright, the members of his congregation, and the African-American church which has been the spiritual refuge of a people that has suffered from discrimination, disadvantage, and violence. Dr. Wright, a member of an integrated denomination, has
been an agent of racial reconciliation while proclaiming perceptions and truths uncomfortable for some white people to hear. Those of us who are white Americans would do well to listen carefully to Dr.
Wright rather than to use a few of his quotes to polarize. This is a critical time in America's history as we seek to repent of our racism.
No matter which candidates prevail, let us use this time to listen again to one another and not to distort one another's truth."

Dean J. Snyder, Senior Minister
Foundry United Methodist Church
March 19, 2008

Debra said...

Now why would Obama change churches? It seems to me the hand of God is on him right where he is. When those that are yet to believe, finally become convinced they will know that when God is in it, nothing you do will work. It will only give power to that person you are trying to destroy. Pastor Wright is not running for office in this country, Obama is. The Clinton camp want us distracted, especially Obama. The longer this goes on, the pettier they all appear.

Anonymous said...

I said before and I will say it again, Reverend Wright quoted Edward Peck the fomer Ambassodor of Iraq. Plesae google.

Hillary Clinton is trying to shift the media attention from her, if Rev. Wright was that then why did her husband during his presidency have him at the white House