Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hillary Clinton Endorses John McCain!

Well "The Bitch" strikes again..
Hillary has attacked Obama and praised John McCain over and over again.
First she plays the GOP "fear" card on the horrible Red Phone Ad (right out of the Karl Rove Playbook), then she equates herself with John McCain on "experience" (and demeans Obama once again as only having a "speech in 2002"), now she gathers flags and retired generals around her to praise John McCain and demean Obama once again!
Is The Bitch running for the Democratic nomination or to be John McCains V.P.?
At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if she chooses Joe Lieberman as her V.P.!

Now she compares Obama to Ken Starr!! Talk about political stupidity! Why bring up the Clinton scandals again??

I have said I would support her if she is the nominee, but as many Obama supporters have told me today, "I will not vote for THAT BITCH!"

I am even more disgusted with HRC and hope she and her ego don't destroy the Democratic Party along with Obama!

There won't be a "dream ticket", because Obama has some decency and self-respect. He shouldn't take it if she offers it to him.

Hillary Clinton should be ATTACKING John McCain, not praising him and attacking Obama!

Once again the Clintonistas will destroy the Democratic Party for their own political gain.

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