Sunday, March 30, 2008

Obama UP, Hillary down

Obama Draws 20,000 at Penn State Rally Unbelievable...over 20,000 people stood in 40 degree weather to see and hear Barack Obama at a rally at Penn State. That's in Pennsylvania, which is supposed to be "Hillary Country"!

Obama was also endorsed by PA Sen. Bob Casey

Obama has also extended his lead over Clinton to 10 percent in the latest Gallup Poll (52% to 42%)
Looks like the attempt by Hillary, her campaign, and the Guerilla Womyn to swiftboat Barack Obama and appeal to white racism have backfired, as well as Hillary LYING about her trip to Bosnia, NAFTA, etc.....

More bad news for Hillary Clinton, the Clinton campaign is short on money and cannot pay its bills!

Despite growing calls for her to drop out of the race, Clinton says she is going to fight all the way to the Democratic convention.

I'm sure John McCain is happy to hear that from the Democratic candidate who says he is more qualified to be President than her Democratic opponent!

Hillary's cheerleaders claim Obama wants to stop people from voting, but Obama says she can campaign as long as she wants (he'll still win!)

UPDATE: New Gallup Poll: Obama Tougher Opponent for McCain than Clinton

UPDATE: Obama Wins Texas, Not Hillary! (Obama 99 Delegates, Clinton 94)

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Anonymous said...

There was a time, right after John Edwards dropped out of the race, that I seriously considered supporting Hillary Clinton.

Though it seemed like a difficult decision at the time, I ultimately decided to support Obama and voted for him in the Tennessee primary.

Since then, Clinton has shown me that I made the right decision. She is beginning to appear, to me, to be just like George W Bush: it's all about her.

Like George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton demands that the spotlight stays on her, and she apparently could care less what price is paid by the country or the party so long as she's "still relevant."

The one good thing about this long primary is that Hillary Clinton has shown me I was right in deciding to support Barak Obama.