Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Polls: "Obama Weathers Storm, Clinton Faces Credibility Problem"

Pew Poll Show Obama Weathers Wright Storm, Clinton Faces Credibility Problems

A second national poll released today finds that Democrat Barack Obama has survived the furor over his former pastor's incendiary remarks, in no small part because of the speech he gave in response.

Echoing similar results from a new NBC-Wall Street Journal poll. The latest, from the Pew Research Center, is headlined "Obama Weathers the Wright Storm, Clinton Faces Credibility Problem." The bottom line for the Democratic nomination race: Obama 49%-Clinton 39%, almost identical to a month ago.

In other poll news, Obama has a 4-percentage-point edge over Clinton today in the national Gallup tracking poll, 48%-44%. That's up from 1 point yesterday in the Gallup track, which includes three nights of polling. Read about it here.

The Rasmussen Reports tracking poll, which includes four nights of polling, has the race at Clinton 46%, Obama 44%.

In California, meanwhile, the Public Policy Institute of California finds that 61% of likely California voters have a favorable impression of Obama, 45% view Clinton favorably and 49% view Republican John McCain favorably. Obama would beat McCain 49%-40% in a general election while Clinton would edge McCain 46%-43%.

The Obama campaign today is circulating a U.S. News story that analyzes the state of play in California. The gist: Clinton may have won the Democratic primary, but the new PPIC poll numbers undercut her argument that she's the strongest candidate in states with large numbers of electoral votes.

A new Insider Advantage poll of North Carolina, which has a May 6 primary, puts the race there at Obama 49%, Clinton 34%.

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