Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Obama Ahead in Polls

Confirming what other polls have been showing, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Barack Obama with a 6 point lead over Republican John McCain (48 to 42 %)

Even better, a Quinnipiac University Poll shows Obama leading McCain in three key swing states:
Florida (Obama 47, McCain 43%)
Ohio (Obama 48%, McCain 42%)
Pennsylvania (Obama 52%, McCain 40%)

The threat of Hillary women voting for John McCain seems to be unfounded: Obama leads among women likely voters by 10 to 23 percent.

Independent voters, a key factor in the general election, oppose Hillary Clinton as V.P. by wide margins.
So much for the Clintonista claims that Hillary would have a better chance than Obama in the general election, or that she would be the best pick for V.P.!

Another Poll Finds Obama Leading in VIRGINIA!

UPDATE: NEWSWEEK Poll shows Obama Bounce! 15% Over John McCain!

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