Saturday, June 21, 2008

Democrats Legalize Bush's Crimes!

Democrats Legalize Bush's Crimes

Unbelievable! Once again, the Democrats in Congress caved in to the most unpopular U.S. President (24%!) It's no wonder Congress has an even lower approval rating than Bush!

The Democrats caved in on funding the Iraq "War", which they promised the American people they would stop, and they have caved in on FISA, and have granted the telecom company's immunity for past crimes they committed for the Bush administration.

And Barack Obama supported the FISA "compromise"!!

This is not the "change" we want!


Do NOT take our votes for granted! As much as progressives despise John McCain, we do not have to vote for Democratic candidates who pander to the corporate rich, the religious right, or the military-industrial complex. This is YOUR election to lose, and you will lose AGAIN if you ignore the progressive base of the Democratic Party! I WILL vote for a real progressive candidate, whether the are a Democrat or not!

There are OTHER political parties which DEFEND progressive values:
Socialist Party
Green Party

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