Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Al Gore Endorses Barack Obama

Al Gore Endorses Barack Obama In a great speech, Obama praised Obama and condemned the incompetence of the Bush/Cheney administration.
"After eight years of incompetence, neglect and failure, we need change," Gore said. "After eight years when our Constitution has been dishonored and disrespected, we need changes."

Barack Obama should pick Gore to be his V.P. !! Gore would make the perfect VP candidate:
Gore and Obama both opposed the Iraq invasion from the beginning
Gore would be a good "balance" to Obama's experience
Gore could use the V.P. position to lead the fight against global warming and change the energy policies of the U.S.

Hillary Clinton would be a mistake. Clinton is part of the old DLC wing of the Democratic Party. She went along with the invasion of Iraq. She has LOTS of baggage that would hurt Obama's chances (most voters say they will NOT vote for her!)

Sam Nunn would be an even bigger mistake. Nunn is too conservative! He is to the right of John McCain on many issues. Nunn would really be a problem for gays, since he was one of the major obstacles to lifting the ban on gays in the miliary, and helped draft the "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

None of the other names being floated would do much to help Obama, and most of them are quite dull.
Al Gore is now a superstar not only in the Democratic Party here in the U.S., but is respected around the world.
Just what we need!

Al Gore won the election in 2000 and should have been President. He has already been V.P., but this would get him closer to becoming President in 2016 (?)

AL GORE FOR Vice President!

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