Monday, June 16, 2008

Lesbian Pioneers (finally) Getting Married

Lesbian Couple of 55 Years Ready to Say "I Do"

At the front of the line to get legally married in California today, are Lesbian pioneers Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, founders of the "Daughter's of Bilitis" in 1955. They have been a loving couple for 55 years!

Does that count as "family values"??

CA Gays Swap Vows as Same-Sex Marriages Begin

Polls show that over half (51%) of California voters now support same-sex marriage rights. Opposition to marriage equality is slowly fading. It is time for liberal Democrats to quit "opposing" gay marriage while claiming they support "equal rights" for gays! Civil Unions are NOT equal to civil marriage!

Eric Jaye, S.F. Mayor Gavin Newsom's political consultant, published this excellent piece calling on Democrats to stand up for their values (equality, social justice) and defend marriage equality:
A Democratic Strategy for Gay Marriage


Anonymous said...

Won't last long...they both look half dead already. Must be their life style.....

21st Century Girl said...

Hey, "Anonymous," (of COURSE you'd use "Anonymous"!) you can post that crap when any couple of idiots who happen to be of the opposite sex CAN'T meet in Vegas, drink for 48 hours straight and then get married ONLY because they're male & female?

Besides, genius - the fact that these two loving women are as old as they are & still want to be married makes it obvious that 1.) Clearly their lifestyles are pretty damn healthy, and 2.) Unlike any number of heterosexual couples, THEY have the kind of morals and love to stay together for 55 YEARS...

...unlike Ronald Reagan & his 1st wife, for example, or John McCain & HIS 1st wife; Fred Thompson & either of his 2 former wives; Jim & Tammy Bakker; Rudy Giulani (& however many wives he's gone through); Tom Cruise; Demi Moore; Britney Spears... etc, etc.

A loving, stable & long-lasting marriage comes from 2 people who are in love and willing to stay together through anything, not just 2 heterosexual people. I should know: I'm a woman who's been happily married to the same man for over 30 years now.

It must be sad, having to live with all that hatred, fear & ignorance.

Joe said...

Here is a campaign that is trying to get the world record for the most simultaneous same-sex marriages (200 couples at once). Here is the link: The hope is to get 200 couples to marry in the same ceremony to celebrate the state of California's recent ruling.