Monday, June 30, 2008

Anti-Obama Right-Wing Smear Campaign

There are several viral emails circulating slandering Barack Obama. One claims he is a Muslim and has a series of pictures linking him to radical Muslims. Another has a list of mis “quotes” from his books, taken out of context or totally fabricated.
If you get these emails from friends, etc., you could respond to them with THE FACTS and help stop this right-wing smear campaign.

Here’s a link to the Obama Stop the Smears website

and the section that shows the quotes are taken out of context or fabricated

Here’s a link to information debunking the claims that Obama is a radical Muslim

It seems like a lot of the right-wing smear campaign against Obama is coming from the TN Republican party!
What's In the Water in Anti-Obama Tennessee?


elaine said...

If you can't defend your choice of candidate without creating outright lies about the opponent, then something's wrong with your candidate. Just check out sites like that debunk e-myths. They are almost all lies or distortions about Obama. How pathetic. It doesn't help that so many Republicans are just plain gullible idiots who don't have the sense to check their facts before hitting the "forward" button. The Obama bashers claim that anyone who supports Obama is "just drinking the Koolaid" - as if we are brainwashed; however, I am willing to bet that Obama supporters are overall much better informed than McCain supporters.

elaine said...

To help prove my point: I recall a poll that showed that watchers of the liberal Daily Show and the Colbert Report were the most politically informed viewers, while FOX news viewers were the least.