Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Barack Obama First Black Presidential Nominee!

History is Made tonight!
Barack Obama Wins Democratic Nomination--First Black Presidential Nominee!

Obama's Victory Speech "America: this is our moment, this is our time!"

Not only did Hillary Clinton NOT endorse the Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, she continues to campaign against him!
What a BITCH! She will stay in the race until the convention, and if she cannot steal the nomination there, she will try to force Obama to pick her as his Vice President running mate. DON'T GIVE IN TO HER OBAMA!

Will Hillary's Obama-Hating Clintonistas unite behind Obama or help elect John McCain?

(Since Egalia (Tennesee Guerilla Women) is calling upon women and feminists to leave the Democratic Party, I'm removing her blog from my blog list!)

Looks like many bitter Clinton supporters are going to support the anti-gay, anti-feminist candidate John McCain!

Former Hillary Supporter Hilary Rosen: I am Not a Bargaining Chip, I am a Democrat!

UPDATE: Clinton to End Run, Endorse Obama Friday
I'll believe it when I see it..

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elaine said...

I used to be a loyal TN Guerilla Women reader until they started blindly attacking Obama and claiming that anyone who didn't support Hillary was anti-women. I'd say that the idea of going Republican (or Independent or Libertarian) is cutting off the nose to spite the face, but they're basically cutting off the whole face just to spite the nose.