Thursday, June 19, 2008

Log Cabin Republicans Practically Endorse John McCain

Despite a blistering Human Rights Campaign Report blasting John McCain's anti-gay record and positions, the gay "Uncle Tom" Log Cabin Republicans are working to "educate" the LGBT community about how McCain is actually supportive of gay rights.

They don't quite endorse McCain, but are trying, once again, to explain away their candidate's anti-gay record and views and argue that gay Republicans are not "single-issue" voters. (Like equality, social justice, civil rights, women's rights, peace, and LGBT rights are a "single issue" !!)

They claim that John McCain did NOT pander to the religious right to win the GOP nomination. WRONG, he did in fact pander to anti-gay religious extremists, like Rev. John Hagee and Rod Parsely, and even welcomed the support of the extremist ant-gay Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition! John McCain's campaign even attacked Mitt Romney (in robo calls!) for his past statements support LGBT civil rights!

The LCR's cannot even get their facts straight! The regurgitate right-wing attacks on Barack Obama, and seem to prefer an anti-gay candidate and political party to get more tax cuts and a longer "war" in Iraq and Iran.

Time and again, the Uncle Tom Republicans at LCR have sold out the gay community for their support of neo-conservative foreign policy, and domestic policies that favor the corporate rich over workers, the poor and the environment.

They have made the same arguments to support George W. Bush! Remember, Bush was also a "moderate" who would reject the religious right and embrace "traditional Republican principles", and include gays and lesbians in the GOP. He was even championed as the candidate to end the military's DADT policy.

Shame on the Log Cabin Republicans for supporting an ant-gay political party, the anti-gay candidate for president, and attacking Democrats who SUPPORT their civil rights.

Pam Spaulding has more:
The Log Cabin Republican' "Education" of the LGBT Community on McCain Begins

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