Sunday, April 27, 2008

Will Hillary Clinton Destroy the Democratic Party?

Backlash: Party Fears Racial Divide

It is looking more and more like Hillary Clinton is prolonging her losing campaign to destroy Barack Obama in the general election so she can run again in 2012. She is behind in every legitimate measure: states, delegates and popular vote.

This week several black Democratic leaders, including House Majority Whip James Clyburn, have expressed the concern of many African-Americans that the Clinton campaign's racist campaign against Barack Obama may backfire. Without the overwhelming support of African-American voters, the Democratic nominee cannot win the general election. If Clinton manages to "steal" the nomination from Barack Obama, she will lose the support of Obama supporters, including African-Americans.

Why? Because her negative campaign against Obama has focused on pandering to racist white "working class" voters. Her margin of victory in PA was entirely from white voters who would not vote for Obama because he is black. Hillary has been running a right-wing racist campaign of attack ads focusing on Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

The only way Hillary Clinton can "win" (STEAL) the nomination is to convince enough superdelegates to switch and support her over Obama, who has won the most pledged delegates and states. She can only do this by destroying Obama with a right-wing racist campaign.

The Clinton campaign is also trying to steal the nomination by trying to count the delegates and votes Hillary "won" in Michigan and Florida, both of which were punished by the DNC for violating DNC rules which all the candidates agreed to. HRC wants to count these votes (for HER) even though the other candidates were not even on the ballots and agreed, with her, not to even campaign in those states. Told their votes would not count, many voters did not even vote, so there is NO WAY the results of those elections can be accepted now. The only alternative would be a new primary or caucus in FL and MI, which does not seem possible, or some arrangement to equally divide the delegates between Obama and Clinton.

Hillary's top advisors supported stripping Michigan and Florida of their delegates!
Top Clinton advisors Harold Ickes and Terry McCauliffe were both part of the DNC that decided that if these states violated the rules THEY AGREED TO, they would be stripped of their delegates!

Now Terry McCauliffe is whining about "disenfranchising" the voters in MI and FL for violating the rules HE HELPED MAKE!

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Chris said...

From what I can see, Hillary is being very irrational at this point if she thinks she is ahead by any measure. There is no way she can win this without tearing the party apart and from what I see from her actions she seems to be very willing to do that. The only thing she can hope to do is ruin Obamas chance to win the general election.