Thursday, April 03, 2008

MLK's Last Speech

MLK's last speech, delivered in Memphis forty years ago tonight.

What if King were still alive? He'd be called an anti-American, racist, communist, just like when he was alive.

Ironic how even (most) conservative Republicans praise King now, but when he was alive they despised him. He was feared because he spoke truth to power. He was more than just a "civil rights" leader. He saw that "social justice" would require much more than civil rights legislation. He condemned U.S. imperialism and accused the U.S. of war crimes and terrorism. He opposed the Vietnam War. He was starting to spread his wings to take on poverty and capitalism, before he was taken from us. But his dream is our dream, and he lives through us.

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Anonymous said...

a CNN headline reads: "What if the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. had lived?"

We'd actually have a QUALIFIED and EXPERIENCED African American running for President, then.

larry fine said...

spoken like a true flamer

king was a super racist and troublemaker... he would have torn the country apart.. president???? funneee.. what is so great about the dems choice this time around that the republicans win this election hands down... again...

Anonymous said...

Odds against it, but if the Republican Party wins the 2008 Presidential election, it won't be because the best man won... it will only because the people voting didn't like the other choices...

and that is sad.

How do you think w. got to be president, because he was the one people might like to drink a beer with?
We've certainly found out what kind of president that gets us. Beer vs. Competence...
I don't think I'd let him babysit my kids.

Martin Luther King Jr. had better ideas than George Bush, but people like yourself closed your mind to the good and positive works that he produced.
Shame because you might have learned something.

If I remember correctly, wasn't Jesus also a troublemaker?

Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen it you should watch The Boondocks episode where MLK awakens from a 32 year coma to see what today's black society has become.