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Is Obama Ignoring the "Gay Press"?

Gay Paper: Obama Refuses to Talk With Gay Media Well, at least the Philadelphia Gay News claims so, because Hillary Clinton talked to them and Obama "balked".

The paper's editor also wrote a scathing editorial blasting Obama, claiming that he would rather talk at the LGBT "community" than with them and that he Obama has only spoken with the "gay press" only twice and one was back in 2004 and the other after the Donnie McClurkin controversy.

I guess by "our community" they mean the Philadelphia Gay News, because Obama has certainly not ignored the "gay press" or the "gay community".
Here are some interviews, ads and blog post of Barack Obama with the LGBT media:

Obama had ads in both TX and OH gay papers

Obama explains to Advocate why he is the best candidate for LGBT Americans

Senator Barack Obama, a 2008 presidential candidate, recently granted an exclusive interview with PULSE, a magazine produced by Gay Men of African Descent (GMAD), a New York-based social service and advocacy agency.

Barack Obama's Campaign Names His Gay/Lesbian Supporters

Obama LGBT

Open Letter from Barack Obama to the LGBT Community

In addition, Obama has been speaking for LGBT equality in many of his campaign speeches, including in front of black audiences and in black churches! The only time I hear Hillary Clinton saying anything about gay people is in front of gay people!

What the Philadelphia Gay News does not disclose is that its Publisher, Mark Segal, is a Clinton supporter and donor.

And yes, Hillary Clinton continues to support MOST of the "Defense of Marriage Act" (DOMA), which Obama opposes, and promises to undue the anti-gay laws passed with the support of Bill Clinton the last time she was in the White House, including Don't Ask, Don't Tell. She is also LYING when she claims that the Clinton administration supported DOMA to stop the Federal Marriage Amendment. The FMA was not even an issue when DOMA was being debated. Clinton supported DOMA to get re-elected in 1996, and even ran radio ads on Christian radio bragging about his support of the "traditional family"!
(See David Mixner: Keeping Our History Straight)
Yes, actions do speak louder than words!

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