Thursday, April 10, 2008

Clinton Campaign Sinking

After "firing" (sort of) her sleeze-bag campaign chief Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton's campaign continues to sink lower and lower in polls and in racist attacks on Barack Obama. Since Hillary is behind in popular votes and pledged delegates (which Clinton says are not really "pledged") to Obama, the only argument the Clinton campaign has to convince superdelegates to support her is that Obama cannot win a general election because of his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Clinton surrogates have been taking to every right-wing media outlet, including Fox News (where racist ding-bat Geraldine Ferraro is a "political analyst") to the great champion of liberalism, the WALL STREET JOURNAL. This week another Clinton sleeze-bag Lanny Davis published a column in the conservative Wall Street Journal on "Obama's Minister Problem".

Despite the racist attacks by the right-wing media and the Clinton campaign, Hillary Clinton is LOSING support even in Pennsylvania where she has dropped from double digit to a single digit lead!

(Clinton's campaign chief Mark Penn works for a public relations firm that among other horrible clients has been working and lobbying for the Columbia government and the Columbia Free Trade Agreement, which Hillary claims she opposes, but her main campaign advisor, Bill Clinton, supports)

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