Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hillary/McCain Win PA

Rush Limbaugh and John McCain are celebrating!

As expected Hillary Clinton wins the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary, but Obama cut her 20 point lead down to 10% or less (as of 10:30 PM, with 93% of vote in, Clinton 55%, Obama 45%).

She still cannot win the nomination without a bloody fight at the Democratic convention in August... will she destroy the Democratic Party to "win"?

The exit polls are disturbing:
Only 50 Percent of Clinton voters say they will vote for Obama in the general election. (26% say they will vote for McCain, 19 percent will not vote).
67 percent of Obama voters say they will vote for Clinton if she is the nominee, 17% would vote for McCain and 12% would not vote.

See: Racist Democrats Created Clinton Victory in PA

Not long ago, the Clintonistas were attacking Obama supporters who would not vote for Clinton, now they are changing their tune! Now they are bragging that Clinton supporters won't support Obama! And Egalia, what kind of feminist would vote for John McCain over Barack Obama?? Why would white voters who support Clinton NOT vote for Obama? could it be RACISM? Will the Clinton campaign continue to appeal to racist voters to defeat Obama?

According to exit polls, 2/3 blame Clinton for negative attacks, 1/2 blame Obama.

Clintonites may be celebrating tonight, but the clock is running out on Hillary:

NBC: Hillary CANNOT Win the Nomination! She would have to win 70% of the delegates in every remaining state, i.e., it is impossible! Unless, she steals the nomination, going all the way to the convention and wins over just enough superdelegates to overturn the choice of the majority of the voters to steal the nomination from the candidate with the most pledged delegates! Then we'll see how many Obama supporters will vote for Clinton (I WILL NOT!)

Clinton Faces Steady Erosion of Support

Obama has over $40 million, Hillary Clinton is in Debt.

The New York Times Editors BLAST Hillary Clinton!
NYT: The Low Road
"It is past time for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to acknowledge that the negativity, for which she is mostly responsible, does nothing but harm to her, her opponent, her party and the 2008 election."

The Big Loser in PA: The Democratic Party--the Bruising Will Go On

Why Clinton LOST in PA and Must Drop Out May 6

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