Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Clinton Firewall: the "Race Chasm"

David Sirota has written an interesting analysis on how the Clinton campaign has benefited from, and sometimes uses, racism against Barack Obama (e.g., using Jeremiah Wright and other black boogey-men to scare white voters).

Read his In These Times article for an explanation of "the race Chasm"

See also: Is Wright Right About Racism?

I've noticed an alarming correlation between right-wing racist attacks on Barack Obama and CLINTON supporters, like this email I received from a Clintonite:

"If that chamaeleon gets the Democatic nomination, I'm voting for McCain. It will be my first time to cast a vote for a Republican for President. This is a man who bought a home with the help of an indicted Syrian who was financed by an indicted Iraqi with ties to Saddam Hussein. This is a man whose preacher is anti-American and anti-Israeli. This is a man who socialized with domestic terrorists who are proud of the crimes they committed."

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