Monday, April 28, 2008

Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Truth to Power!

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Fights Back!

While some Obama backers, some (white) liberals and the mainstream media plutocracy have been wringing their hands over the "controversial" comments of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, I found myself applauding him! Wright gave defiant brilliant speeches at the NAACP and the National Press Club, but the "uppidty negro" upset the powers that be again. I am an atheist and don't agree with Wright's religious beliefs, but I was shouting AMEN! when he fingered the hypocrisy of Dick Cheney and other chicken hawks who question his "patriotism", and when he laid out the imperialist crimes of the U.S. government I was on my feet clapping. This man has BALLS!

Reminds me of another "radical", "anti-American," uppidty negro who spoke Truth to Power!

Too bad politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have to be meek and obsequious to the U.S. military-industrial complex and condemn anyone who speaks truth to power.

I guess the difference between "politicians" and "prophets" is that politicians tell people what they WANT to hear, and prophets tell people what they DO NOT WANT to hear.

NOTE: In his speech at the Press Club, Wright included gay people when he criticized the way races and religions treat each other, he also said we need to change the way "Straights Treat Gays".
Some gays mistakenly stereotype Rev. Wright as another anti-gay homophobic black preacher, he is not. His church is very inclusive toward LGBT people and he supports LGBT rights.

The Liberation of Reverend Wright

Obama "Outraged" by Wright's "Appalling" Comments

NY Daily News: Hillary Clinton Supporter Oragnized Wright Press Club Appearance

First, I understand that, politically, Barack Obama HAD to more strongly denounce Jeremiah Wright, but it is very sad. The only "appalling" thing Wright said at the Press Club was his answer confirming his belief that the U.S. government injected AIDS into the black community, though I agree with him that I would not put it past the government to have created a virus like AIDS, given how involved it has been in creating chemical weapons and selling them to tyrants like Saddam Hussein.

Second, Obama may be going TOO far in pandering to the "mainstream" White Establishment! He finally gave in to an interview on Fox News and was a wet noodle. Never used the opportunity to tell Fox News that they are not a legitimate news organization and are little more than a Republican propaganda machine. (He's not alone, Hillary is going on too, and her campaign advisor Terry McCauliff actually praised them for being "fair and balanced!).

Obama is also criticizing Al Sharpten and black activists who were threatening to protest the NYPD acquittals of the policemen who fired 50 shots and murdered an innocent black man. Their anger is understandable, but Obama may appear to be too much of an "Uncle Tom" to many African-Americans.

Obama handed John McCain a political gun to shot him with by saying that the controversy over Jeremiah Wright as a "legitimate political issue"! He should have denounced the use of Wright in attacks from the GOP and Hillary Clinton, and emphasized that it is NOT a legitimate political issue!

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Anonymous said...

I'm really happy to find another person who sees this situation the same way I do. I've linked to this entry from my blog. Curious what you think of my further observation about the timing and manner of delivery...