Monday, April 07, 2008

Bob Dylan Wins Pulitzer!

My favorite artist wins another award: Bob Dylan wins a Pulitzer Prize!
The citation for the 66-year-old Dylan noted his "profound impact on popular music and American culture, marked by lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power."

I've lost count on the awards Bob Dylan has won. He's a living legend, far above anything else in modern music.
I may be the only gay, atheist socialist, Bob Dylan fan in North America!

For more about Bob Dylan visit:
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I was totally taken aback by this announcement regarding Dylan and Pulitzer. But certainly well deserved.

Since you're a fan, I thought I'd introduce you to my new novel, BLOOD ON THE TRACKS, which I think you'd enjoy.

It's a murder-mystery. But not just any rock superstar is knocking on heaven's door. The murdered rock legend is none other than Bob Dorian, an enigmatic, obtuse, inscrutable, well, you get the picture...

Suspects? Tons of them. The only problem is they're all characters in Bob's songs.

You can get a copy on or go "behind the tracks" at to learn more about the book.