Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Debate Preview: Which Hillary Will Show Up?

It is expected that Hillary Clinton will try to throw the "kitchen sink" at Barack Obama tonight, following her hysterical mocking of Obama's speeches.
Here are some things to read in preparation for tonight's debate:

Arianna Huffington on Clinton, Obama and the Magic Power of Words compares the words of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Robert Perry takes a closer look at the War on Obama, and why the political establishment, including the Clintons, want to stop him.

Frank Rich, Hillary's End: Arrogance Has Taken Her to the Brink

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hillary has shown tonight that she doesn't have the temperment to be president.

She's just an emotional angry bitch.

Obama, on the other hand, shows much restraint. Most people would've have slapped the rude bitch by now and he's not even bothered by her.

Hillary needs to start blogging on the Gorilla Women of Tennessee and leave the presidenting to the people of suitable temperment.