Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama Wins Wisconsin, "Hillary Clinton Fading" (AP)

Obama Wins Wisconsin, his 9th straight win, and is expected to win Hawaii later tonight (Wed. morning), which will make it 10 in a row for him.

Not only did Obama win by nearly 20% percent (around 58% to 41%), he won over 66 percent of the male vote AND nearly tied Clinton with women (48%-51%)! Obama eroded HRC's base of support among women. Clinton led in women and those over 60.

Guess Hillary Clinton's negative attacks on Obama didn't work. Exit polls show that over 52% of WI voters thought Hillary Clinton ran a negative campaign.
(Didn't John McCain's attacks on Obama in his speech sound a lot like Hillary Clinton??)

She must win Ohio and Texas or she is out March 4, so prepare for MORE negative Republican attacks on Obama from the Clinton campaign.

According to Tim Russert on MSNBC, HRC must win 65% of the delegates in Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania, which is not likely.

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