Monday, February 18, 2008

Obama Beats McCain, McCain Beats Hillary Clinton!

If you need more convincing that Obama is the best Democratic candidate to beat Republican John Mccain, read this Daily Kos Post: Why I'm Switching From Hillary to Obama The Graphs make it clear, Obama would beat McCain, but if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Nominee, McCain becomes the next President.

Based on current polls and results from 2004, it looks like McCain would beat Hillary Clinton with 245 electoral votes to her 199.
Howerver, Obama would beat McCain with 273 electoral votes to McCain's 207.

Hillary Clinton's campaign, however, is trying to stop Obama's growing momentum by accusing him of Plagiarism!, a ridiculous desperate ploy that Karl Rove would be proud of (and probably use against Obama in the general election!).

The Clintonites continue to use right-wing racist talking points against Obama. They try to demean Obama as a "messiah" cult personality who is all words and no substance (like MLK?). They accuse Obama of "copying" Hillary Clintons' economic plan when she is "copying" John Edwards health care plan and trying to sound more like John Edwards everyday. They accuse Obama supporters of using right-wing talking points against Hillary Clinton and helping the GOP to defeat her, while they are doing the same thing to Obama! The more the Clintonites try to tear down Obama as lacking the "experience" to be President, the more they aid the Republicans. Of course, in the anti-Obama Feminist realm, it's OK to attack and demean a black man, but not a woman!

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