Sunday, August 09, 2009

Obama's "Waterloo"

The new issue of Rolling Stone has a cover story on "Obama So Far" contrasting the bold candidate Obama vs. the compromising President Obama. He certainly has not delivered "Change We Can Believe In" yet... And time is critical to turn things around. The center-piece of the Obama economic plan, health care "reform" is not very promising. This may indeed be Obama's "Waterloo" and here's why the Democrats are going to be in deep trouble:

Frank Rich, NYT: Is Obama Punking Us?

Democrats Cut Deal with Drug Companies: Pay Off $150 million

Democrats in Pay for Play Deal with PhArma

Remember when candidate Obama attacked the Bush administration's "deal" with the Drug Companies?
Obama vs. Obama on Healthcare

Another Blow to Public Option: Durbin Open to Dropping it

Health Insurers Have Already Won

Our Fuzzy President Is About to Come Into Focus

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