Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obama/Democrats Sell Out to Health Care Industry

I am now officially DISGUSTED with Obama and the Democratic Party. According to the NYT, the Obama administration and the Democrats in the Senate have cut deals with the insurance, drug companies and hospital industries to (a) not push single-payer public health care (b) minimize the costs of their companies for “health insurance reform” in exchange for their support (including and ad campaign supporting the final bill, which will NOT even have a “public option”).

The RIGHT has picked up what many of us fawning over Obama missed in his townhall meeting—Obama is now campaigning AGAINST a single-payer universal health care plan (contradicting his own past statements, including his last press conference where he ADMITTED that only a single-payer plan could provide UNIVERSAL coverage.) Obama is now using the right-wing talking points against a single-payer plan. The “public Option” is not going to be in the final bill, it is already being cut out in the Senate, because of the deals being made behind the scene with the insurance companies. WE’VE BEEN SOLD OUT. This is what happens when Democrats, who claim to support progressive values like universal healthcare, do NOT stand for those principles, and cave in to corporate interests for campaign donations.

Read and weep:

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Change We Can Believe In?

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